Possway T3 Electric Skateboard 37 longboard with Shock-Absorbing Wheels possway 419.00
Possway T3 Electric Skateboard 37 longboard with Shock-Absorbing Wheels possway 419.00
Possway T3 Electric Skateboard 37 longboard with Shock-Absorbing Wheels possway 499.00
Possway T3 Electric Skateboard 37 longboard with Shock-Absorbing Wheels possway 499.00
Possway T3 Electric Skateboard 37 longboard with Shock-Absorbing Wheels possway 499.00
Possway T3 Electric Skateboard 37 longboard with Shock-Absorbing Wheels possway 499.00
Possway T3 Electric Skateboard 37 longboard with Shock-Absorbing Wheels possway 499.00
Possway T3 Electric Skateboard 37 longboard with Shock-Absorbing Wheels possway 499.00
Possway T3 Electric Skateboard 37 longboard with Shock-Absorbing Wheels possway 499.00

Possway T3 Electric Skateboard 37″ longboard with Shock-Absorbing Wheels

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  • 28 Mph Top Speed,Fastest in class.
  • 17-20 Miles Super range,Great for your daily commute.
  • 105mm shock-absorbing wheels for a more comfortable ride.
  • Ergonomic deck design for excellent turning control and easy to carve.
  • Great passability, adaptable to all kinds of terrain.
  • Max Load:330lbs / 150kg.
  • 1 ply bamboo and 8 ply Canadian maple .
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POSSWAY T3 Electric Skateboard Reviews

Long Range & Go Farther

· 7800mAh, 280.8wh, 10S3P 18650 lithium battery pack, one single charge, 28-32km range ( 17-20miles ).
· Top speed reaches 28mph / 46kph, great for daily commute or outdoor cruise. 

* Range and top speed may vary due to factors such as weight, road, slope, temperature, battery, etc. No-load top speed 28mph, 70kg (154lb) rider test data, top speed 46km/h (28mph), at average speed 23.8km/h (14.8mph), mileage 30.2km (18.8mi).

Switchable Battery Double Mileage

Integrated battery module structure, supports quick disassembly, easy, fast, and safe battery replacement. With spare battery packs, keep unlimited riding.

More Comfortable Riding

105mm shock-absorbing wheels, 56mm minimum ground clearance, great road passability, suitable for various terrains.

Powerful And Stable Hub Motor

Newly upgraded II-generation, powerful 1000W brushless hub motors, provides sufficient power for the skateboard. Intelligent structure keeps the motor stable, easy to maintain.

More Precise ESC Control

PEST ESC 2.0, with a precise and smooth acceleration controlling system, makes your riding more comfortable. A beginner can acquire basic skills within 5 minutes.

Ergonomic Deck Design

1 layer bamboo plus 8 layers Canadian maple, made riding and turning control more flexible. W-concave and ergonomic deck design, maintains a lower gravity center of the deck, absorbing vibrate during a high-speed ride.


More Functions

Please note:

We currently have 2 versions of the T3 shipped randomly, with no difference in function and quality, except for the location of the charging port.

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
David Yule
What Board

After 2 months I'm still waiting for my board, I keep getting told my board is at Customs still in Portland. Customer service for possway is terrible. Don't buy you won't get your board.

Jf De Beer
Love it

A lot of fun for a good price

Jeremy Boutte
Best Board On The Market

The Board is Very Well Built and manufactured “very worth the money” I need to make sure I don’t charge it to much to make sure my battery lasts long

Michael Hoffman

T3 excellent Black Friday lower price, free shipping and no sales tax! LCD remote has all the features you will ever want or need. The T3 has 3 speed ranges forward with modified milder acceleration and a Pro setting with full acceleration speed. It comes with a small booklet explaining in detail the LCD remote settings. I own 4 other different electric skateboards with belt drives. This is my first brushless hub motors rear wheel drives. Quiet and fast in the Pro setting, I like the 4" X 2.5" rubber honeycomb pattern tread tires. This board is easy to carve with. Riding on paved trails with cracks is not a nightmare. You might get a slightly unpleasant bump from time to time but you stay on the board. Pebbles riding real slow can be a problem by stopping a front wheel but I have been on several paved trails at speeds of 10 mph to 19 mph and any pebbles you encounter will not stop you. You just ride over them and the tires kick them out. You hear the pebbles flying out. I even have carved when encountering pebbles. It was a concern at first but after riding many trails not any more. Larger stones and rocks are a concern and you should avoid them. The trucks come loose from the factory. I have grown to where all my boards trucks are loose to make it easier to turn. I do not encounter any wheel wobble under 20 mph. If you are into faster speeds then tighten your trucks and bending your knees will help too. It is hill rated for a grade of 25%. I have gone up several hills and the T3 in "Pro" remote setting will eat them up! The brakes are very good too. I like the Mid setting. The T3 has an auto start power on when you spin the rear right wheel. If you leave your board unintended over 10 minutes it will power off. This will loose your remote readings from the board like the highest mph and the today's Distance. Thank You Possway for making an electric skateboard that is good for beginners to intermediate riders. Get out there and have fun. I rate this board a 9 out of 10. Michael Hoffman. I have published many Electric Skateboard videos of me on YouTube including Possway T3. Youtube Member: michael13085

Makes the journey about more than the destination

I got this board because I go to college on a very big campus, so I hoped that this could help with the long commutes. However, what I didn't expect is that I would also be having a lot of fun on this board as I go. I'm not great at riding yet, but I enjoy going from place to place now, and I'll even make my trips a bit longer sometimes. Overall, the board is built really well and it fulfills every requirement I have for it. Plus, from what I have heard, this board is priced very well for its value. It rides quietly and smoothly, and the high/pro modes are still far more than I need. The board does have its kinks (for instance, the button that changes the acceleration and brake modes says "reverse" on it, even though it doesn't have to do with reversing the board), but overall I highly recommend it.

chris reyes

Fast shipping and awesome tracking app super cool you will know when and where you board is . very impressive board Ive been riding every day since I got the board super long range and all the speed you need very fast and responsive throttle in pro mode best feature on the t3 makes it up every hill . High quality parts to not a cheap board super durable I can ride siting down on the board with my 3 year old and it's goes no problem up and down hills super fun board . I would highly recommend this board. I would like to try more possway products in the future and give more reviews thanks possway for an awesome product..

Would be nice if it worked.

Bought 2 of the T3’s: one for my husband and one for my daughter. So far, for my husband, everything works. However, my daughters remote is only partially working. It is paired to the board as it will control it, but her screen doesn’t work so we can’t read any vitals. I’m dreading the communications with CSR as I’ve read it will take forever as there is no phone customer support.

Zachary Tsouflidis
Best value board with some slight caveats

I'm impressed with the Possway T3 so far. Probably around 400-500km atm. The odometer doesn't really work so I couldn't tell you. Overall, the range and performance you get for the price are FANTASTIC. I have an Exway, a Backfire and an AEboard for comparison which are all pricier and more powerful boards than the Possway.

My complaints:
- The odometer doesn't work on the remote I received.
- The gear button is labeled "reverse", when really you have to push the power button 2x to switch to reverse. It's kinda weird but definitely not the end of the world.
- The tread on the T3 wheels is shallow, so after a certain amount of wear on the middle of the tire it starts getting slippery. Like whenever you hit gravel or rough roads, sometimes the board kicks to the side a little bit, as though you're sliding. Thought I was crazy at first. Kinda nerve wracking tbh and the biggest issue by far. Normal wheels don't have this problem since the entire surface of the wheel is in contact with the ground at all times because they're flat, whereas these wheels are curved where they contact the ground. But normal wheels wear out much quicker and have less material between them and the hub motor on the donut wheels, so you need to replace them sooner. We will have to see whether the problem gets worse or even possibly better as the tread wears further and into the adjacent honeycombs of the tread.
- The charger is tiny and slow. 4h is a long time for a battery this size, but I could also just buy the quick charger...

My praises:
- The battery swap system is HUGE. Few brands offer this, and your alternative choice is to get a bigger, more expensive, heavier board (of which very few offer hub motor systems). So battery swap systems are choice for people who want to ride far with hubs. Throw it in the backpack!
- The board overall is extremely stable and great for beginners. I always stick my inexperienced friends on this board for group rides. This comes at a slight cost of weight, but totally worth it.
- Pretty amazing specs for the price. Great top speed, battery size and range!
- The dropdown deck is amazing because it offers you additional peace of mind that your feet won't slide off, plus it gives you more options to change your stance. This is very important for long rides where if you stand the same way, you'll get tired and sore. You'll get sore anyway as a beginner, but it's nice to have.
- I can't believe how solid these parts are for a board this price. For example, backfire hubs have a problem where the screws break off inside the hub motor after a while, usually where the threads end, so they come out and eventually your hub is useless and you have to buy another or MacGyver something. Not worried about the Possway.

Overall if there's a board I'd recommend right now for beginners or those who want 50+km range (with battery swap) on a hub system, I'd recommend a Possway. Best deal for the money hands down.

Then you can buy something else that's more powerful later if you really want.

What could be interesting in the future is if Possway could figure out how to make the motor's acceleration stronger. The acceleration curve is pretty gradual even on Pro mode and I see no other way to adjust it, but I'm not about to complain given the price range.

Keep up the good work Possway!

Like this skateboard

My son like this board very much, one charge could enable him to save most of the commutation time.



Smart LCD
wireless remote

Battery charger
adapter 2A

Micro USB
charging cable

Skateboard T Tool

Skateboard Y Tool

User manual