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Best Cheap Electric Skateboards

by Sarah Wu on Jun 18, 2021

Whether it’s cars, drones, or even the portable powerhouses we call smartphones, electricity does an incredible amount to make our lives easier. So what do you get when you stick a battery on something like a skateboard? electric skateboards.

Electric skateboards are all the craze lately as it is both excellent for commuting and lots of fun for adults and youth alike. However, the best electric skateboards are not very affordable if you're just looking to pick up the trend as a beginner.

Electric skateboards have held a reputation for being overpriced but as the market is getting more competitive, excellent cheap electric skateboards are getting available.

These electric skateboards are populating the market faster than you can say “I no longer get any exercise,” with a variety of options coming from startups and established companies alike. These electric boards each have a huge variance in their pricing structures due to capacity, maximum speed, size, and controller development. With so many options available, how are you supposed to know which are the best electric skateboards? Let’s move on.

Possway V4 is the best electric skateboard for beginners under $350.

This electric skateboard is synonymous with excellent speed, comfort and control, and impressive range.

Possway v4 electric skateboard

The three adjustable speed and braking modes make for a customized ride that caters to your specific skill level and you can gradually unlock the full power of this beast as you get more comfortable with it.

Not only is the Possway V4 highly efficient, but it's also an absolute beauty to look at. The mesmerizing three different colors carbon-fiber-looking pattern on the bottom is bound to get people looking.

If you want something extremely efficient with great bang for your buck to ride around campus or in good road conditions, we highly recommend the Possway V4.

If speed is a priority, you’ll love Ownboard W1S electric skateboard under $400.

It has a top speed of 25 mph with smooth acceleration. It doesn’t skimp on other features either, like a great battery and riding modes. If you are comfortable with high speeds or anticipate that you will be, the Onboard W1S is a great option.

Ownboard W1S

Let’s get into the battery and motor first. This affordable electric skateboard uses a dual brushless hub motor, each with 250 watts, and a Samsung lithium-ion battery. When you break, the battery recharges. When it’s time to plug the board in, it takes 2-3 hours to juice up. That battery gets you a top range between 9.5 and 12 miles, depending on the rider’s weight, weather, and so on. The three riding modes also impact speed, with the beginner mode getting you to 12.5, middle mode getting to 18.75, and proficient mode unlocking the top speed of 25 mph. The incline rate is the same for all modes at 25-30%. The wireless remote has an LED display, where you can see settings like battery level.

Construction-wise, this board is solid. It has a PCB housing, so it’s waterproof, and ceramic bearings. The board is on the heavier side at 17 pounds and can hold 265 pounds. The deck is 2 layers of bamboo and 6 layers of maple, while the PU wheels are described as “highly elastic.”

The Hiboy S11 is an excellent budget e-skateboard for beginners or kids.

4 different riding modes allow you to gradually increase the top speed until you reach the peak capacity of 12.4 miles per hour.

Hiboy S11

The main selling point of the Hiboy S11 is its extremely slim build, weighing only 7.94 pounds, making it ideal for people who rely on a portable solution. As it is only 29 inches long, it is practically considered an electric penny board.

The Hiboy S11 falls a little short in terms of range as a single charge only gets you around 6.2 miles. However, this is enough for very short commutes and kids who're just looking to have some fun. Should you run out of battery, it's not the end of the world as it's easy to carry and fits perfectly in a backpack.

possway V4 electric skateboard

No matter what electric skateboard you choose, you should always keep certain buying considerations at the back of your mind. Look at a board’s motor and battery system, which determines range and speed, and the braking system. Since electric skateboards are controlled by a remote, give the remote a good look, too. You want it to be comfortable and easy to use.

The construction of an electric skateboard is very important – you don’t want something cheap and flimsy, but something too heavy won’t give you much flexibility either. It’s a balance you need to figure out for yourself. Next, consider safety and if the brand has a good reputation. Is the battery built safely? Does it have any certifications you care about?

Next, look at any other features the board offers, like riding modes and if it’s waterproof. Before making a final decision, you should also consider the price and if you think the board is worth it. You can find quality boards for under $200, but you’ll probably have to compromise certain things.

Think about what you’re willing to give up. Lastly, find out if the company has a good reputation when it comes to customer service. If anything with your board goes wrong, you want to be able to depend on the brand.

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