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How to ride an electric skateboard safely for beginners

by Sarah Wu on Sep 11, 2021

Electric skateboards are a fun way to get around. If you’re a newbie, it can feel a bit challenging getting the hang of things. You need to maintain proper balance and have patience. Taking things slowly, and knowing what you want to get out of your board, will make things a lot easier. An electric board built for rugged terrain will move differently than a skateboard created for the streets.

How Hard Is It To Ride An Electric Skateboard?

How hard you find it to ride an electric skateboard will depend a great deal on your level of experience in the first place. For those among us who have plenty of board experience, you’re going to have a pretty big headstart. If you’re already a skateboarder then you’re very well set. For most beginners, a cheap electric skateboard will be more than enough to get you started practicing.
If you surf or do any other board sports you’ll already know a lot about your stance and have worked on your balance. Your level of experience at all these other things will affect how easy you might find it too.

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If you’re not already proficient at another board sport and it’s your first time riding an electric skateboard, though you might be looking at it with some level of trepidation. Let’s face it: to many people, the unpowered version seems a little crazy. So are you sure you really want to put power through those wheels?
Actually, in some ways, this makes electric skateboards safer. And, armed with the information below, you will find that actually, it’s not that hard to ride an electric skateboard. It might just need a little practice.

Make a Break from Tradition

If you never set foot on a traditional skateboard before, you might want to give that a try first. Usually, longboards are good for beginners. You’ll want to be comfortable before cruising around on an electric skateboard. You want to ride an electric skateboard on a smooth surface, where there is plenty of room to fall. Always make sure to wear a helmet and pads in case of an accident.
Unlike traditional skateboards that let you brake with your feet, electric skateboards brake via remote. You should slow down before braking, and keep your feet securely onboard while moving. Make sure to come to a complete stop before you dismount. After you get comfortable riding your board in straight lines, you’ll become comfortable carving in no time.
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Don’t Throw Out the Manual

Read over your manual, because you’ll use a remote to control your skateboard, so learn the controls available. Your wireless remote control should make your board move forward, reverse, and brake. If you have a Bluetooth controller, you can power your skateboard with your smartphone.

Step on And Get Ready

After you’ve gotten a handle on the controls, and have suited up with some safety gear, it’s time to get on board. Place your foot flat on the board, and use the remote to move your board forward. You want to do this, so you can get accustomed to how your board feels when in motion.
When you’re ready, place both feet on your board shoulder-width apart. You want to maintain a stance similar to standing on a traditional skateboard, so you keep your balance while cruising. Make sure to stay limber, and bend your knees a bit. Stiff riding is no good, especially on a motorized skateboard.
As you slowly accelerate your electric skateboard, you’ll want to lean in the direction you’re moving in, to stay stable. When you need to brake, make an effort to slow down first. You don’t want to end up lurching forward because of a hard stop. You can change your course, by leaning in the direction you want to travel.

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How Do You Brake And Accelerate On An Electric Skateboard?

To ride effectively there are three things you need to know: how to accelerate, how to brake, and how to turn. We’ll get to number three shortly, first let’s concentrate on going and stopping.

The first thing to do is get the thing moving. In your chosen stance, stand with your back knee bent but rigid, and planted into the back of the deck. This leg will keep you stead when accelerating. Lean over your front leg slightly for balance with your knee bent also.
Apply the accelerator gently at first! Those riding an electric skateboard for the first time are often surprised by how fast an electric skateboard accelerates, so ease yourself in. And make sure you’re on the slowest setting on your board so you can handle the speed.

For braking, you want to do the reverse, so have your front knee bent and rigid. Just before you apply the brakes, shift your weight onto your back leg. By crouching slightly when braking, you can reduce the force that is applied to your body making it easier to maintain your balance.

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Even if you’re 100% new to electric skateboarding, by keeping all the above in mind, you can soon feel confident enough to take your board out on the roads. Just be sure to give yourself enough time to gain your confidence, and practice the simples: shifting weight between your front and back foot, accelerating, braking, and get a feel for turning. With a little practice, you will soon feel at ease on the board and ready to go for some real speed.

Ready to go on an adventure? Now that you’re great with your electric skateboard, it’s time to take your electric skateboard on a plane and explore the world on your new set of wheels. Here is an electric skateboard suitable for beginner Possway V4.

v4 electric skateboard

The Possway-V4 electric skateboard has a large capacity of 4000mAH battery, long life span, Start your short trip! The electric skateboard can be controlled through the remote. The effective remote distance is 14m, and it takes about one hour to charge. It has three-speed modes which can be switch easily through the remote. (Low: 6MPH, Medium: 9MPH, Maximum: 15MPH) .When the board runs out of battery, it can be used as a normal skateboard. The unique three colors, it will make this electric skateboard different from other boards, and it is a perfect gift for your friends or kids, or beginner. I might even put it out there and say that it could be the best electric skateboard for beginners under $350.

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