Possway V4 VS Hiboy S22--two cost-effective entry-level electric skateboards POSSWAY
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Possway V4 VS Hiboy S22--two cost-effective entry-level electric skateboards

by Sarah Wu on May 28, 2021

If you’re thinking of a worthwhile gift for your child or a teen, then why not give the best skateboard for kids as a present? Skateboarding is a pastime that will encourage active and well-rounded kids. This is a physical as well as a mental skill that also boosts concentration, creativity, and promotes fun. With a skateboard, a child can limit screen time and will improve his ability to interact with others. All in all, a skateboard is more than a toy. It’s a hobby and a lifestyle that kids will surely love to practice. 

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For starters, if you're going to buy your first electric skateboard, That feeling of being completely confused about the different types of motors, board length, wheels, batteries, ESCs, and other specs. You may want to buy an entry-level electric skateboard at a good price. Here are two inexpensive and affordable electric skateboards.


POSSWAY V4 -The Best Electric Skateboard Under $350 

· Price:$329

· Wheels:83mmx51mm

· Truck: 6 Inches

· Top Speed:25mph / 15kmph

· Ride Mode:3-speed modes(L/M/H)

  Gear L:0-10km/h(0-6mph)

  Gear M:0-15km/h(0-9mph)

  Gear H:0-25km/h(0-15mph)

· Battery Type: 29.4V Lithium Battery,7S2P 18650,4000mAh

· Range: 10 miles / 16 km (60kg rider M mode speed on a flat road)

· Max Load:220lbs / 100kg

· Weight:12.6lbs / 5.7Kg

· Comfortable Carving and Turning Deck

· 8 layers maple

Possway V4 VS Hiboy S22


The POSSWAY V4 is an electric skateboard that offers the most value for money. For under $350 you get a well-made electric skateboard with all the performance you could need. 

It has an 8-layer Canadian maple deck, has very strong wheels, deck, and trucks. The wheels are 83mm, which is an excellent size to help you roll over cracks and bumps you may find in the path with relative ease.

It has colorful decks available in three different colors to choose from. It has a flexy deck giving you a comfortable ride with reduced vibrations.

Overall, the Possway V4 is the best electric skateboard for someone looking to get a sturdy and comfortable skateboard that has a lot of power and doesn’t break the bank.


Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard


·-Motor: Dual brushless hub motors

-Range: Go up to 12.5 miles long-range battery

-Modes: 4 modes for each riding and braking

-Speed: 18.6+mph for top speed

-Longboard: 35.4 inches U shape

-Hill Climbing: Climb a 20% grade hill with ease

-Remote: Ergonomic and rechargeable wireless design

-Wheels: Durable PU materials and replaceable for all 4 wheels

hiboy s22


It featuring U shape design and stronger trucks, 7 layers maple deck longboard that retains flex and sturdy quality.

Powered by a high-performance brushless dual hub motor giving it a smooth streamlined power and a max speed of 18.6 mph.

The powerful 350w dual hub motor provides smooth power and the boosted board can go up to 18.5 MPH, 13 miles on a single charge.

4 ride modes and 4 brake modes exclusive to HI boy electrics skateboard. Each ride mode or brake mode provides a careful taper when accelerating or braking.

Possway V4 VS Hiboy S22


We all know there are skateboards out there capable of nearly 30 miles an hour and enormous range, but this isn't about that. When it's about selecting an electric skateboard for kids, Because it's more about the fun factor and being durable to be safe.

You can't go wrong with any of the boards are listed above. They all have a variety of riding modes that allow you to control your speed and slide at different speeds depending on your proficiency. Perfect for cruising around the neighborhood safely or even Getting from one class to another if you're a student.

The main feature I would look for is the overall weight as there will be occasions the skateboard will need to be carried, and the lighter of the board, the more comfortable it will be. 

All-in-all, buying both above electric skateboards won’t leave you disappointed. You still get great quality, top performance, interesting features, and an improving level of customer service for a fraction of the price.


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