My electric skateboard has a problem, how do I do? POSSWAY
How to maintain electric skateboard

My electric skateboard has a problem, how do I do?

by May Chen on Mar 18, 2022

My electric skateboard has a problem, how do I do?

The things you should know about

If you are an electric skateboard user, you should know that electric skateboard is an electronic product, it is powered by electricity, so it is not waterproof, and it works in high-speed operation, from time to time, it might happen to the problem, such as battery dies fast, but you just charged it to fully bar like ten minutes ago, or suddenly the battery can not charge anymore, but actually, you charge it two days ago, or one of the wheels works like a little guy, can not catch the other normal wheel’s, the control system totally unfunctioning...So many problems that you can imagine, all come for a reason, don’t be frantic, every problem has its own solution.


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Battery problem

If your skateboard still can be charged, but the battery dies fast?

don’t worry, here is the solution for you: fully charge the electric skateboard, take Possway V4 as an example, the indicator of the charger turns to green, then means the skateboard is fully charged. After the charging is finished, use a mile record app to count how many miles it can go and how many times it can work for one charge, if it is under the standard figures, then it means the battery of your eboard was defective.

Battery works in a transmission condition, it accepts the power and stores it, then transfer the power to momentum for the hub motor, which comes to the speed.

Different circumstances do effects the battery, if the temperature outside is too hot, then it is better not to ride it, or the battery would undergo too much heat then burn.


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One of the wheels is shut down

This one also is normal issues, wheels are doing the hardest work for the eletric skateboard, they rolled their self on the road, they pressed their body through all kinds of gravel and cracks, as its owner, you always will get a wheel which covered by wounds after using for a few months, so to buy high quality wheels is much important work.

If one of the wheels fall off, you could check if it is only the screws missing, if it is, then you can fix it easily, but if it not, the screws fell apart inside the motor, then you need to check the structure of it, to see if you need to replace the motor.


electric skateboard


Water comes inside the battery case

Electronics are not waterproof, so let us be clear, if the water goes inside the battery case, please replace the battery as soon as possible, do not think that you are lucky, the water would cause a short circuit no matter who you are, and the danger happens in a case you can not control, when it happens, it always too late, so promise me you will replace it when water damage the battery.

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