Possway Lynx VS Meepo Voyager X, who is the best belt drive electric skateboard POSSWAY
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Possway Lynx VS Meepo Voyager X, who is the best belt drive electric skateboard

by theresa Wen on Sep 30, 2022

Possway Lynx and Meepo Voyager X are new belt drive electric skateboards released in 2022, and both of them are excellent. 

The price difference between the two is more than $100 US dollars. Which one is the better alternative? This guide will help you find it out!



Meepo board have released several new products in 2022, the cheapest longboard is priced at $499 (original price), but the Meepo Voyager X is priced at $1199, now you can get a 17% discount, and only need $999 to get it. 

Possway quickly gained a foothold in the electric skateboard market by its high quality.  They've never sold overpriced skateboards, but this time, Possway Lynx is priced at $999. Now you can get $120 off, and only need $879 to get it. 

Possway Lynx


Battery, Range and Speed

Possway Lynx equips with a 12S2P 346Wh battery, which you will get up to 26 miles / 42 km range and a max speed of 32mph/52kph.

Meepo Voyage X uses a higher voltage battery capacity of 12S3P 518 Wh, which provide a maximum range of 36 miles / 58km and an impressive max speed of 40 mph/66kph.

It is worth mentioning that both of their battery cells use the internationally renowned brand – Samsung 21700 40T. 

Both battery enclosures are sealed very well, but please note that they are not completely waterproof, just water-resistant. Water-resistant means that electric skateboards won’t let water in easily. So if you drive on a wet road your board should not break. But if you skate over puddles or even submerge your board into the water there is a high likelihood that water will get to electric parts.

Possway Lynx VS Meepo Voyager X, who is the best belt-drive electric skateboard


The motor of Possway Lynx is 2775W as the same as Meepo Voyager. These powerful motors give both skateboards insane top speeds and climb rates. According to the official information, Meepo's hill climbing rate is 46% and Possway's 48%. 

In terms of data, the difference between these two motors is very small, both are excellent and powerful.


ESC and Remote

Both Possway and Meepo use LYFOC ESC, like Hobbywing, LY has a good reputation in the electric skateboard market.

Meepo uses the M5S remote control, the mango color looks friendly to others when you hold it and is easier to find. The color is very conspicuous.

As usual, Meepo Voyager X has 4 speed modes, which you can choose according to your actual needs.

Possway's remote control has a different looking than the previously remote and feels more comfortable to hold in the hand. It also has 4 speed modes. On top of that, there is a new feature is added to the remote– Pause mode.

After 4 seconds of no riding, Possway Lynx will automatically enter the Pause mode that keeps your board locked, providing extra safety.

Possway Lynx



Meepo provides a special release edition for the first 900 customers, you can get a set of Cyclon 110mm wheels for free. But now, this offer is ended, and you have to pay extra money to get the bigger wheels now. The standard factory configuration of the Meepo Voyager X is 90mm.

And the standard factory configuration of the Possway lynx is 2-in-1. you can experience 105 wheels and 90mm wheels all at once. 

And they have released new 105mm wheels called starry wheels.  They can be lighted up when you ride, you'll have to buy them extra yourself if you need them. If you ride at night a lot, I think you can buy a set of starry wheels.



Meepo Voyager's deck is made of a composite of bamboo and fiberglass. The resulting product is a strong and flexible deck that stretches under your weight without feeling limp.

The Possway Lynx features a 37.2″ longboard deck made of 1-ply bamboo and 8-ply Canadian maple. It has a concave shape that assists with turning, and a slight dropdown that locks your feet in to provide confidence that your feet aren’t going to slip off during the ride.

In other words, you can clearly feel the position of your feet during the ride, and you can fully focus on the road and where you are going rather than constantly looking down to check that your feet haven’t moved.

Both decks can carry up to 330lbs / 150kg of weight.

meepo voyager



I can't say which electric skateboard is better, they're all great, well crafted, and have a good reputation in the market. You need to choose according to your actual needs. 

If you are after a brand, you can choose Meepo. If you don't like to follow the crowd, you can consider Possway. 

If you don't want to spend extra money to get bigger wheels, you can go for Possway Lynx, but if you want to try the newest 110mm cyclone wheels, you can buy a Meepo Voyager.

If you are a heavy skateboard user, you can choose the longer range Meepo Voyage, if you just use the skateboard for commuting and fun, Possway Lynx can definitely satisfy you.

In a word, choose what you like.


*Comparison of Possway Lynx and Meepo Voyager X


Possway Lynx (2 in 1)

Meepo Voyager X


$999 $879

$1199 $999

Top Speed

32mph / 52kph

40 mph / 66 kph


18-26mi / 30-42km

24-36 mi / 38-58km

Battery Capacity




105*65mm + 90*54mm


Charging time

2A (1 hour for 5 miles, 4 Hrs for 20 miles)

5A (1.5Hrs)

Standard 3A Charger: 4h

Hill Climbing



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