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My Battery did not fix my issue with the board like they said it would and now I can’t even return the battery. They took my money and I have had reached out multiple times and never got back a reply. My board still doesn’t work and I’m down $$$. Possway is a scam.

Impossible to pair

I am a little disapointed because i cannot pair the new remote with my Possway T3 as the on/off button doesn't work (the board can only be turned on with the automatic system (rear wheels turning). I have had some contact with Possway support but no solution has been brought to me. Too bad because i like this board !

It's been pretty great

As the title says. . . this board has been pretty great. I've been riding it since early april. There was still snow and ice on the ground here in central Canada. I've been through quite a few puddles through the warm weather as well. The only thing I've noticed is, with every use, the battery seems to die a little quicker. Love the board, love the motors, but can we get a better battery pack please ? Will be buying a second board so i have replacement parts.

Electric Skateboard Shredlight Tail Lights Kit

These lights are awesome.

What's to say besides , these are awesome ? These wheels paired up with my shred lights make me much more visible while riding in the dark.


the battery they send isn’t even the right one and POSSWAY is a SCAM. Once you order and the money is taken it’s gone even if you get sent something like the battery you can’t return it even if it’s defective. Mine is LITERALLY missing a wire that connects to the board and on top of that I’ve wasted my time money and effort with this and would advise others if you did unfortunately buy a POSSWAY board to not buy the parts to fix seeing it won’t work and your better off buying a new one I’ve reached out for a refund and getting ghosted so yes get meepo it’s better in the long run

Quick delivery with no damage to the items. What more could i ask for ?

Possway T3 Electric Skateboard Bundle

Extremely bad customer service,definitely not worth it

Possway V4 Pro Electric Skateboard
NCHENUI Moundae Jamila
Did not get it

Did not get it


This is the best Christmas present I have had in years I go out for a rip hours on end I bought some LED tape light fired them on the bottom now I have under glow looks so bad ass I recommend this to all of my friends

Possway = SCAM

Objects sold are of poor quality, will inevitably encounter several problems after use. The after-sales service will not help you if it deigns to answer you. An advice, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OF THIS BRAND.

No one emails you back

Have emailed the company 10 times about an order that I have yet to receive a tracking number for. It’s been over a week since I bought it.

Poor customer service.

I ordered an electric skateboard for my grandson. Two days after I learned that my son had gotten him the same thing for Christmas. I immediately wrote to cancel my order,as there was no number to call. 24 hours later they replied and said they would check and cancel the order. The next day I got an email saying it had shipped. I have not opened the box and now am stuck with a skateboard I do not want.

Starry Wheel 105mm
Dave parson
Seem well made

Seem like your run of the mill meepo like cloud copy. I like that the plastic cores are larger so there is a little less rubber so it should be glued on better than others.

I have real cloud wheels with tiny core and the rubber separated right away.

The trouble with that is they do not fit standard abec pulleys.

The outer edge of my pulleys are the same size as the inner edge of the wheels recess.

So i had to put them on the front when really i wanted them on the back of my acedeck. Hopefully people see me in the dark now and no messing with tiny rechargeable lights.

Horrible accountability

Ordered but never received. Shipment shows as sent. I’m sure it was taken by the delivery guy or something. But they put no effort to help resolve the matter. They hired the company, no insurance nothing. I’m out $500 with nothing to show for it. Thanks

Should have gone with the MEPO

Esc went out over 4 months ago. Board has 296 miles on it. They won't send me a new esc. I've emailed several times. It sparks if you disconnect the battery then reconnect it. Not like I asked for a battery, which I saw one person did get. I've ran all test. Included pictures of my offer number and more. Nothing! I'm going to pull all of there branding off and sanded off. Use there motors till they burn up. ( I'm sure it won't be long) and will tell everyone I ride with in Newport, new York, and mass. To stay as far away from possway as possible. Over priced WALMART BOARD, AND COMPANY. 100 percent MICKEY MOUSE OPERATION!! MONEY IS SPENT ON ADVERTISEMENT THEN PRODUCTS!!

Nice pack

Good quality case and simple to change with screws and skate tool. Double your range or have a back up when you decide to ride and your battery is low. No need to wait for charge to ride. Easy to take with you in a backpack. Could be a better quick change system but simple screws are effective. Not sure of how long they last been using about a month with no range loss. Original battery with board died after 1 year.

Having a blast

This beat a scooter any day of the week lots of fun easy to control lots of power compared to my e scooter and the brakes are not over powered stopping is very controlled love carving with it to


Purchased my V4 -Pro Sep 20 2023 for my E.Boca Raton home Freaking love it as do ALL my toys. Did a top speed short video (attached below). I’m 5’9”” 170lbs and this short longboard does just fine. 800 watt dual motor is 2 thumbs up here 👍👍

Possway Lynx Belt Motor Off-road E-skateboard
James Bargender
Remote won't charge

Love the board, however the remote will not charge, have been waiting 2 weeks for the replacement remote.
Have only been able to ride 2 times.

Possway Lynx Belt Motor Off-road E-skateboard
James Smith
My 1st e board

It’s fun and it can handle Louisiana pavement my remote wheel came loose maybe aping something waiting on reply other than that a couple scuffed elbows you got me I’m hooked 5 star possway peace

I’ve owned my V4-Pro for 2 weeks now. Impressed!!

Short video taken in E.Boca Raton,Florida on Sep 27 2023

Back of my V4-Pro

I know …. Pretty cool ha????

No complaints here. POSSWAY V4-PRO

1 week in. No complaints really. Battery needs to be upgraded some how though. 6 miles ain’t cutting it. 170lb rider but still. Speed : is an honest 21mph flat surface no wind. Could’ve squeeze 22 mph out of it though I feel.