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My son loves it! Its appearance is totally a work of art! It works perfectly so far. I think I should buy one for my daughter, too


It rides right over the roughest surfaces. I live in a town where the roads are not that great and neither are the sidewalks and I can ride all over town I even pass people in people's yards if they're walking on the sidewalk.

Best skateboard ever

I’m 45 years old and I’ve been riding skateboards since I was a baby. This is seriously the best skateboard I’ve ever been on. It takes your riding and skateboarding skill to a whole new level. Everything about it is so impressive. The wheels, trucks, deck, all the hardware and then the amazing motor and battery. I’ve ridden for hours at a time with no issues. Plus it can ride dirt, grass, gravel. It’s weight is heavy, but the weight keeps you glued to the ground and makes you feel safer. The remote control is easy to use. The brakes are incredible - so strong. Thank you Possway. You upped the game of a 45-year-old skater. I’m on it every day. That means a lot

Good shopping experience

The best budget board, the support team is very responsive and helpful. They keep me updated throughout the whole process. Thank you!

Satisfied board

I already rode this board over 200 miles and it has held up great. Super happy with my purchase!

Worth the price

Awesome worth it buy it you won’t be disappointed,
Worth every penny. Thank you Possway, I will recommend you til the day I die

Smooth ride

t’s awesome - longer battery life than I expected and a smooth ride. You can ride it as a normal longboard too if you want.

Amazing board

Fast, stable, easy to use. Plenty of battery life. The shock absorbing wheels make long rides more comfortable. nice service and fast shipping, fantastic!

Awesome product !

I'm 50 and this was a gift from my grandson, so funny, I feel like I'm a kid again! But I'm only pushing the remote at 15-18 kph, I would say T3 is the best for beginner electric skateboard, thank you, Possway team :)

Great commute option.

Great board. I commute 6 miles to public transport and then to work. The board lasts easily long enough for the ride and plenty more. It's slim enough to carry on public transportation as well. It's fast when you need it to be and a blast to ride.

Great so far!

Bought for my son. He loves riding it. He hadn’t rode an electric skateboard before and this one was easy for him to learn.

It's sick!

I don't regret pulling the trigger on POSSWAY. It deserves my praise. The shock-absorbing effect of the 105 wheels is amazing!


I purchased it for my boyfriend and he loved it! Powerful and smooth, I will buy another one for myself next month!

Best board I have used!

I spent hours researching and buying and selling boards until I found this one. This is the only board in the price range that delivers the range, speed, and deck quality that this board does. I have been regularly using it daily since I have gotten it 1 month ago. I can confidently say I am surpassing the range advertised at medium speeds, and at full speeds still getting at least 20 miles. I have not been able to run it dead on any of my rides, I always make it home with a charge still. A friend of mine has a Lycaon board that is the competitor to this, and I am able to get 3mph higher top speed.

A lot of other reviewers talk about power being weak on this board, but I don't know what they expect. I have tried every other hub board in the budget, and this one performs the same or better than all of them, it doesn't stand out as weak to me at all, even on hills.

The only drawback is that the top speed seems to be capped at 25mph. I haven't gotten it to go any faster on flat ground, however, I wouldn't really want to go faster than that anyway.

Possway thank you!

Great board. My kid loves it.

It is a well made electric longboard. Great customer service. My kid loves it.

Possway T3 Batterypack bundle

Being my third board in Esk8 it is by far the best budget board under $600. The range and speed have been true to description as far as I know haven’t encountered any issues at all. 5 stars in my book looking forward to more Possway products in the future! Maybe an All terain Possway or being able to put 120h cloud wheels on it!

T2 got piles of power up

I ordered T2 last year, recently fond out they have upgraded T2, I got one again, crazy, T2 is very powerful up the hills, small wheels awsome!

The best gift for me!

I bought this board after careful consideration, it's my 18th birthday gift and my first eboard! Good design, long battery life!

Fast shipping, love it!

Shipped from the California warehouse and got it within a week! lOVE IT!

Great experience T3 with the small wheels

I order a t3 with small wheels, big wheels they are fine, viberate absorbed very much, but small wheels are powerful, Love it!

Nice board set up.

I searched for a long time . This was the best deal. I got the bigger wheels and it's been really nice. Great board. Great deal.

Great board!

For those who are new to skateboarding/longboarding this is a great beginner board for both price and range! A few things to note when receiving the board is have shoes that are comfortable and grip to the board, and second is to use the hex/star tool to secure the bolts holding the battery and power to your board as I have lost one bolt within 1 day of riding, so make sure everything is secured and tightened down! Otherwise the board is amazing! The board tackles anything for either daily commute or a way to work. I have learned that with proper speed (either being slow or fast) if the front wheels make it over, the back wheels will crawl over it! The 105mm wheels tackle all but railroad tracks, the board will run across gravel, sidewalks, lips on sidewalks where one block will be anywhere from 1/4-2inch lip(I wouldn't want to run over a lip that much), to even crawling up gaps from the road to the sidewalks in that measurement (mind you hitting proper speed to be able to make those hits). Don't spend $$$ on gas when your average commute can be done in almost the same time and if you're on a push board commuting, this board will get you to point a and b quicker! I've been riding for 2 weeks and I've been able to maintain around 18-20mph. The board had turned many heads in that time, alot are wanting to look into getting this board now and honestly the best board out of my collection that I own! Great for any and all for another board put in their collection! Thank you possway for providing me with such a board that continues to impress me!


The most fun I’ve had in all of my life. Absolutely shredding this board

Not arrived

It has been 60 days and I still haven’t received my possway T3 board. I’d love to be able to try it out and give it a real review


Definitely buy if you’re looking for a long smooth ride
My only complaint is it has very low torque, and hills can be very slow, but I did manage to get up all of the super steep hills near by

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