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8 Tips for Electric Skateboard Beginners

by PosswayE-skateboard on Jan 29, 2021

If you just got a new Electric Skateboard. I'll show you Eight things that you need to know. 


Number one: 

You will fall. Even if you're the most careful person, you can't control everything around you. Sooner or later, something will cause you to fall. But that doesn't mean that you have to get seriously injured, be aware of your surroundings, and always ride in a way where you can fail safely. It only takes one bad fall to change your life. So the least wear a helmet.

electric skateboard with helmet
8 Tips for Electric Skateboard Beginners

Number two:

Check all fasteners regularly. Every once in a while, give your Electric Skateboard a quick visual inspection and wiggle everything, wiggle your trucks, and your wheels, make sure nothing's loose or missing. The only takes a few seconds. 


Number three:

Learn to ride low. I'm not saying that you should always ride like this, but riding with your body closer to the ground has many benefits,when your legs are bent,you’re better at absorbing shock from bumps and cracks. And when you fall, you're less likely to have a seriously injured. If you're already close to the ground, Lower your body when riding works out your legs improves your endurance. And for some people, it helps improve your range of motion. All of these things can help you become a better skater. 

8 Tips for Electric Skateboard Beginners

Number four:  

If you do not use the board for more than a week, control the power at about 50% before placing it. It is best to put it in a cool place, which helps prolong the battery life. It is also common for most lithium batteries. Calculated as the battery will discharge about 3% every month, do not store your board at 0% power, or you might not be able to recharge it later. If your board came with different instructions for long-term storage, then follow those instructions.


Number five:

Don't put the remote in your pocket. If you're making a quick stop for something and you need both hands to turn off the remote before putting it away, so you don't accidentally hit the throttle. Somebody would put their remote in their pocket, and their board would fly off. People sometimes get injured by that, a deadman trigger on the remote can help prevent that. but it can still happen, so be aware.


Number six:

Do not use the wrong battery charger. If you use the wrong charger, you could kill your battery or worse. You could start a fire. If you have multiple battery charges that look similar, Possway highly recommends that you label them. The labels aren't just for yourself, but also for the people who visit you, They might not know those battery chargers are not all interchangeable.


Number seven:

Your legs may need time to adapt. If you're a complete beginner, you might find that your legs get sore and your feet hurt while skateboarding that's normal. Some people try to solve this by wearing softer shoes. If that works for you, maybe it's Okay, but soft shoes could make the skateboard less responsive to your movements. So instead of wearing soft shoes, Possway suggests that you give your body some time to adapt, but everybody's different. So do whatever works for you.  


Number eight:

The best way to improve your skating is to skate with people who skate better than you. I know that isn't always possible. Not because there aren't better skaters, but because if you're new to getting into the sport, you might not even know other people who skate. If that's the case, then watch some videos of other people skateboarding, and practice on your own. You will find that different people do things differently. So experiment and see what works for you. Like I said earlier, you will fall. Wear safety gear to avoid injury in the event of a fall.

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8 Tips for Electric Skateboard Beginners

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