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Hi beginners, why Possway V4 is the best electric skateboard for you?

by Evan Sean on Jul 08, 2021

As a beginner, choosing an ideal electric skateboard is not so easy. You have to think about it a lot before you making a decision, especially when you don't know much about Esk8. We listed some factors you should consider before the purchase, and what is the most important thing you'd think about. At the same time, we will also analyze why Possway V4 is the best electric skateboard for you.

When you choose an electric skateboard, you will consider the price, battery capacity, usability, speed, design, customer service, brand, etc. If you are a beginner, we think V4 is the best electric skateboard for you. Here's why.
 Possway V4 electric skateboard

The Price

First of all, price should be considered before you purchase any goods. In many cases, price is the deciding factor that makes a consumer make a decision to purchase a product. When you are not sure whether you have enough interest in electric skateboards, it is a rational decision to consider a relatively inexpensive entry-level electric skateboard, cause you may not sure that you really like it or not, you may just think it's cool at that moment and want to buy one. You may have the experience of impulse buys. You purchased a certain product and after using it a few times, and now it's lying in the garage with dust. So we suggest beginners buy the first electric skateboard at an inexpensive price, so as to reduce possible losses. The price of the Possway V4 electric skateboard is only $329, which is relatively cheap among all electric skateboards. If you don't care about the price, that's another story.

The Usability

As a novice, the usability of an electric skateboard is very important, it even decides whether you will continue to ride an electric skateboard in the future. We feel that you should consider an electric skateboard that is easy to learn. The remote of the Possway V4 electric skateboard is very basic and easy to operate. It has three speed modes, S (slow), M(medium), H(High), and a "Reverse" button. You can simply switch between different gears by simply flipping the speed button by hand. To press the"Reverse" button, the electric skateboard will run in the reverse direction. The V4 electric skateboard does not have a speed and mileage display screen, which will reduce the distraction of novices looking at the screen during riding and avoid falling.

The Range

The range is generally the most important thing eskaters care about. Intermediate and advanced eskaters often want more range for their long-term riding. For beginners, the range is relatively less important, we're not mean that it is not important. The V4 with 10 miles of range which is enough for beginners, and it can basically meet your needs for practicing eskateboarding and short-distance transportation or commute.

Most experienced eskaters usually want higher speeds, but for beginners, there will be more safety risks if the speed is too fast. Especially if you're not a fully experienced eskateboarder. The top speed of the V4 electric skateboard is 15MHP (25KMH), within this range beginners can practice electric skateboarding easily and safely.


Possway V4 electric skateboardProduct Design

We don't have much to say about the design, because everyone has a different aesthetic, so just choose the electric skateboard you like, there's no need to care what others say. But overall the design of the V4 is very cool, we are very confident about this. In addition, the V4 is super light, so it's easy to carry when you are not riding an electric skateboard.

Customer service

Regarding customer service, Possway did a good job, so far, 90% of customer feedback is positive. Good customer service has always been the goal of Possway. In addition, Possway has prepared a batch of accessories in the US warehouse for the V4 electric skateboard. So if you're a customer who has repair needs, we can send parts and accessories to you quickly without waiting for a long time.

electric skateboardConslusion

So beginners, here're the reasons "why Possway V4 is the best electric skateboard for you" that we have summarized. We hope this article can give you some useful information for your purchase of electric skateboards. If you have any questions, we welcome you to contact us by email: service@possway.com

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