how to store your electric skateboard in winter
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How to Store Your Electric Skateboard in Winter?

by Charlie Mu on Dec 01, 2022

Winter is on its way. Many people do not want or are able to ride their electric skateboards during the winter in many places that have cold winters with snow and ice. If you are one of these people, it's important to store your electric skateboard safely during winter. For your electric skateboard to survive winter, you can't just leave it at some random corner in your house and forget about it until spring comes. There are some tips for storing your electric skateboard properly in winter.


How to store your electric skateboard in winter?

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To store your electric skateboard in winter, the only thing you really need to care about is the battery. The battery is the most vulnerable and expensive part of an electric skateboard. The majority of electric skateboard brands use lithium-ion batteries, which have a battery life of up to three years and are simple to identify and replace. They are weak to extreme temperatures and moisture.


How to Charge the Battery?


Some people may think that if they charge the battery to 100% and leave it all winter, it will be alright. However, this will reduce the life cycle capacity of the battery. It's best to keep the battery between 40% and 60% charged so that the storage voltage is neither too high nor too low. The battery decays more seriously when it is over-discharged frequently. It's better to check the battery regularly since it may reach a very low charge due to an unexpected discharge, which is extremely harmful to the battery. It's also a good idea to turn on your electric skateboard every few weeks to exercise the battery.


Where to Store Your Electric Skateboard in Winter?

When the electric skateboard has a charge of 40% - 60%, it's time to find a good place to store it. A cold garage is not the best location to store your electric skateboard since extreme temperatures are not good for the battery. Because the battery is sensitive to moisture, storing your electric skateboard in a dry environment where the temperature is controlled is recommended. It's also good to attach the remote control to the electric skateboard so that it will be easy to find the remote when you want to ride again.

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Remove the Battery

As previously stated, an electric skateboard's battery is very easy to damage and must be maintained in good condition. If you think taking care of the whole skateboard is too much work, you can remove the battery and store it somewhere dry and warm over the winter. However, it's still better to turn on the battery every few weeks to exercise it and keep it healthy.



To store your electric skateboard in the winter, you need to pay special attention to the battery. Charge the battery to 40% - 60% power and keep it in a dry and warm room to protect the battery. Ideally, check the skateboard from time to time and turn on the skateboard every few weeks to exercise the battery.

If you still want to ride the electric skateboard during winter, please keep in mind that safety should be your priority. Ride the skateboard carefully and try to stay away from muddy and slippery roads. Also, the range of the electric skateboard will be shorter than usual in winter, as the chemical reaction within the battery will proceed more slowly due to low temperature.

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