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by May Chen on Apr 09, 2022

“My name is David and I live in Washington.  Right now I am working as an accountant in a foreign trade company. I have been doing this job for 2 years.”

A. David, how did you first hear about Possway?

As an accountant in foreign trade company, I spend a lot of time sitting in my seat and always using the computer to deal with the same old job every single day. I like to stay home at weekends because I did not have any habits. I just hang out with my friends sometimes. I did feel bored later. I think I need to try a new thing in my life. I came up with learning guitar. Not soon, one of my colleagues told me that he got an electric skateboard from Possway and he did enjoy it. It was the first time I have heard about Possway.

electric skateboard

B. Describe your first ride.

 At first, it was pretty scary. I have literally never ridden an electric skateboard in my life. But my colleague was here to help me and the idea of an electric skateboard was so very cool. So I got up my courage to give it a shot. I followed his order and found the thing was easier to do than I thought. I pressed the accelerator slightly, and the board is very stable, like stick to the floor.  I was amazed at how quickly I was able to start to gain confidence on the board based on the way that it is set up. There is no doubt that it is super suitable for an inexperienced person like me. I was glad that had a good start with my friend's help.


C. What do you like most about your Possway T3?

It has adjustable speeds and allows you to work your way up to your comfort level. It doesn't quite get the 10 miles but I expected that based on my weight (180lbs). I would say it probably gets between 30-40 minutes of ride time, around 6-7 miles before you start to see the power drop and it begins to die. That is on high mode. I use it as my commute, which saves me a lot of time to get to work. Sometimes, it helps me bypass the traffic jams. That is definitely a wonderful thing. The most important point is that it spices up my boring life. I rode it outside at the weekend. I also made some new friends in the park who would share their skills. it's awesome and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Highly Recommend!

electric skateboard


D. What tip would you give to new riders?

1. Hold the remote control in your hand, then press the brake button. You can just see and get used to how fast it goes at different speeds. Step on it and ride it at a low speed. Lower body into a squat for stability. Slowly scroll the speed button, and stop at a suitable speed. Hold this speed by pressing it with your finger to go forwards. This was what my colleague taught me.

2. It might be inevitable to have a stumble or two, especially when it’s your first time, but the safety gear will lessen the damage. 

3. It is better to find a safe place to practice. You can go check your local park or a boardwalk. Make sure these places have some soft surfaces or grounds. 

4. Skate when the weather is nice, and the ground is dry. Remember it!

electric skateboard

E: You are really thoughtful and kind. Is there anything else you want to say?

I found a good, suitable, and affordable electric skateboard T3. I hope other people can have theirs too.

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