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Motorized longboard - What you should know about range

by May Chen on Mar 26, 2022

Motorized longboard - What you should know about the range

Every electronic vehicle has advantages at power,  If you never go uphills, never go downhills on an electric skateboard, you probably never get its joy, and you probably think don't need an electric skateboard. Every happiness in your life starts with a try.



Motorized longboard and motorized shortboard

As the electric skateboard overwhelming the market, a lot of up and coming electric skateboard brands are popping up, but most of the companies prefer the motorized longboards because it is wide and offers engineer more space to put components, and also offers the rider more space to step on it and get a better control experience.

Motorized shortboards are not much of a difference in the physical form with a motorized longboard, they are mostly the same, the most difference is in the performance, which was constricted to their components attachable space, the smaller battery capacity, and the smaller wheels the motorized shortboard usually has. Due to benefit from this, the motorized longboard is prone to achieve the longer range and the faster speed.




Motorized longboard- dual motor squad electric skateboard

By the virtue of the length of the longboard, the motorized longboard could bring its variable design to versatile eboard performance. Some of the motorized longboards were designed in dual motors with joint case integrated battery and ESC, such as Possway V4 electric skateboard; some of the motorized longboards were designed in dual motors with swappable battery and more reinforced ESC, such as Possway T3 electric skateboard, and Possway T2 electric skateboard, some of the motorized longboards even designed braver, with belt-drive dual motor, paired with Pneumatic Tires or other kinds of tires, and Hobbywing System ESC, directly upgraded itself onto all-terrain conquerers, such as Possway GTC all-terrain electric skateboard.






Wheel Material plays a big role in the skating range

Different designs and component materials played different performances on its skating range.

A higher capacity battery offers higher power for the motor rotation while making contributory features to its KV. Better wheel material reaches a more comfortable skating balance and experience for the rider.


PU wheels suit for the even paved cement road, it would function the best cruising performance on the even road but does not suit for the smooth road, because it might run across water and result in skating slip.


Shock-absorbing wheels suit more terrains than PU wheels, its high density material, and gear design made it has more grip, more balanced, absorbed the vibration gives a comfortable riding experience.


Pneumatic Tires have more flex, gear design and sufficient flexibility to reach a whole different experience. Not only wild but also thrilling and comfortable.


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ESC is the most intelligent component for the electric skateboard, the more clever the ESC is, the better control action system it has, the freer you get from the electric skateboard riding experience.



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