Overcome the scare and had my first ride on the electric skateboard! Awesome! POSSWAY
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Overcome the scare and had my first ride on the electric skateboard! Awesome!

by May Chen on Apr 02, 2022

Here is some big news I want to share!


I can ride on an electric skateboard!

I can ride on an electric skateboard!

I can ride on an electric skateboard!

You can tell how excited I am about it. Maybe it is not a big deal for you, but for me, yes, it is.

electric skateboard


How contradictory I am toward electric skateboards.

Actually, I am afraid of things with wheels, like bicycles and motorcycles. You need to balance your body and keep it moving. It is hard to handle two things at the same time. yeah, I have trouble riding a vehicle. When I was a 6-year-old girl, I got my first bicycle which had no stabilizers from my uncle. I practiced riding it with my uncle's help after the rain. We did not think it would be a problem to ride in that day even though there were some puddles on the floor. I rode at low speed and learn to keep balance, of course, my uncle was holding the bicycle to protect me from falling. Everything looked good. So my uncle left his hand off my bicycle secretly. A terrible thing was coming. I peered backward and realized no one was there for me. I was so scared and the floor was so slippery. I fell down and bruised my arm. I cried a lot. I never forgot the moment. Obviously, I will keep my distance from an electric skateboard. It looks dangerous.

But I think It is super cool. I always submerged myself in sitting on the step and looking at those skaters who are practicing boards in their free time. I always thought to myself "Wow, how can they do that. The skill must cost them a lot of time to practice. They must get a lot of hurts. They look very crazy about skateboarding" My attention was easy to be caught by the people who were riding an electric skateboard. I was scared and envious at the same time. My friend who masters electric skateboard well persuaded me "You will be fine, and why not give it a shot. We can do it together. I am there for you. " I finally change my mind and decided to do it.

 electric skateboard

Here are some steps for beginners:

1. Hold the remote control in your hand, then press the brake button. You can just see how fast it go at different speeds.

2. Step on it and ride it at a low speed.

3. Lower body into a squat for stability.

4. Slowly scroll the speed button, and stop at a suitable speed. Hold this speed by pressing it with your finger to go forwards.

5. Repeat the first step and you can return to the earth.

Thank god! He was there to help me by holding my hands. I followed his order and found the thing was easier to do than I thought. I pressed the accelerator slightly, and the board is very stable, like stick to the floor. After 30 minutes of practice, I made up my mind to try a little higher speed. Of cause I was doing it with his help. I did not want the same horrible thing to happen again. I was so surprised that I can overcome the scare and had my first ride on the electric skateboard! It was totally awesome! I definitely would invest more time in it.

I am here to tell the people who had some bad memories in childhood but are really obsessed with an electric skateboard, who have the talent to ride an electric skateboard, who would like to try something new, who just want to for no reason, "It does not as hard as you thought, give it a shot and give yourself a chance! It is worth it. "


electric skateboard

What kind of e-board should beginners choose?

Possway electric skateboard recommends itself to me.

And my electric skateboard is Possway T2, which is suitable for beginners and of good quality. Also, the price is affordable to me. I had a wonderful riding experience. I am satisfied with my choice. There are many electric skateboards designed for all kinds of people in Possway electric skateboard. Here is the website: https://www.possway.com/

I hope you can find your favorite soon.

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