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Phoenix Ryders P3 VS Possway V4- Electric skateboard gift for Christmas

by Sarah Wu on Nov 17, 2021

It's time for Christmas Gifts!

Christmas is right in the corner!

It’s time for you to choose the best Christmas gift for your kids, for your family, or for your friends!

In a busy modern lifetime, people might don't have enough time for gathering together, or to have fun together, this Christmas, let's give them an easy-learning skateboard!

Possway V4 is the best electric skateboard gift for Christmas!


Within 10 minutes to know to ride Possway V4 Electric Skateboard

If your kids, your friend is skateboard beginner, this Possway V4 Electric skateboard is a super friendly skateboard for her, the best entry-level electric skateboard for him!

It even doesn’t need any skate techniques!

First, you just need to stand on it, keep your velocity slowly,

within 10 minutes, you will get the skateboarding interest,

after 10 minutes, you will be addicted to skateboarding!



Design Comparison

Let’s see more details of Possway V4 vs Phoenix Ryders P3:




From the Design comparison, we can tell: Possway V4 absolutely is a well-designed electric skateboard!

It also has other color options, of course, in more detail please check the shopping page.

Possway team designed its color a long time to get its beauty! Lots of people from young teens to adults love it to get Possway team efforts paid!




Details comparison

Below is the very detailed information about Possway V4 electric skateboard VS Phoenix Ryders P3:


Possway V4

Phoenix Ryders P3

Color option



Deck Material

8 layers of maple

7 layers (6 maples and 1 bamboo)

Speed mode



       High-speed mode



       Medium-speed mode



       Low-speed mode






Net Weight


6 Kg

Ideal weight to ride Less than 75kg


The length of the board 900mm


Battery type 29.4V Lithium Battery, 7S2P 18650

Lithium battery

Skateboard Charge time



Remote charge time



Motor Type

83 mm Hub Motor x 2

83 mm Hub Motor x 2




Max Load




The same price, Possway V4 is Better!

As the information in the sheet,

At the same price, Possway V4 has more advantages than Phoenix Ryders, Possway V4 is much more better!



 Electric skateboard

For skateboard Beginner

The safe speed is the first important factor,

Possway V4 has 3 controlled speeds for beginners to adapt to skating sports, three modes of speed for three different statuses!

Three-speed for three different Challenges!

Low speed is up to 10Km/H, never get afraid of skateboarding at all for a beginner!

The Second Important factor is still about safe skating!

Possway V4 has 8 layers of maple, it maximizes the security while beginners are riding!

It won’t get cracked or broken easily!

Also, it can conquer most of the cracks or bumps on the road!

A third advantage is a color option, Possway v4 has three options for you to choose from, each of them is well-designed, it will get other people attracted while you are skateboarding!

 Christmas skateboard gift for kidSkateboard helmet

What are you waiting for? Place your order right now!

Possway V4 electric skateboard never let you down!


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