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Skills for Riding the Electric Skateboard

by PosswayE-skateboard on Nov 24, 2020

We have always put user safety in the first place, and this is why we specially prepare this chapter to remind you to pay attention to the dangerous roads. For some special roads, we will describe them as examples, and users are advised to keep off these roads to avoid danger.

Note: We recommend users not to ride the skateboard on (non-motorized vehicle lane, even driveway) roads. The urban traffic situation is very complex and dangerous, please be responsible for your safety and be concentrated during the ride. 

Safe Riding 

*Please wear protective gear before riding. 
*Please don’t pass through the following traffic conditions or road conditions if you can avoid them.

tips of E-skateboard
Electric Skateboard

Speed bumps

This electric skateboard can slide to pass through most automobile speed bumps. When being passing through or getting ready to pass through it, maintain a certain speed, keep balance, but do not try it as a beginner.

Bumpy road

When riding on such roads, the bumpy roads may make the wheel suspend in the air and lose the grip. So please maintain low speed and keep riding as straight as much as possible.

Electric Skateboard

Junction of sidewalk and lane 

Usually, there are steps and even gaps less than 3cm at the junction of roads. When passing through or getting ready to pass through it, maintain a certain speed and plan the riding route to make it form an angle of 45° with the junction. 

Small pits on the roads 

Be careful to avoid these “traps”. If the pit is big, the wheel might get stuck. If your wheel gets stuck in the pit during riding, it will lead to very serious consequences and injury.


Roads covered with a coating such as a zebra crossing 

The pedestrian crossing seems to be very safe, however, when the road is wet (the dew in the morning or after raining), the grip provided by such a road is very limited. Therefore, when passing through such kind of roads covered with paint, do not accelerate fiercely, and do not change direction violently.


Underground garage 

Similar to the pedestrian crossing, the road of the underground garage is also covered with one layer of paint. If there is water on such kinds of roads, the grip will be very limited. Therefore, when passing through, do not accelerate fiercely, and do not change direction violently.

Electric Skateboard


Cars parking by the roadside 

Some careless or reckless motor vehicle drivers might not see the rearview mirror when starting, and they will pay no attention to the approaching of your skateboard. In such a case, slow down as much as possible, particularly at the junction, check whether the automotive front wheel is going to turn around.


Roadside pedestrians 

In a crowded place, slow down as much as possible, and when the pedestrians are calling or surfing the Internet on their cell phone, they will be unaware of your skateboard getting close.


Water-logged roads 

Considering the potential hazard for electronic components, please avoid immersing the skateboard in water. In water-logged places, there might be a big pit, and the tire might get stuck and cause serious sequence and injury.

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