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T2 2022 new version electric skateboard is coming back to sale again

by Sarah Wu on Jan 15, 2022

T2 electric skateboard is coming back to sale again


T2 electric skateboard is coming back with fire!

Hi you all, a new weekend here, How are your days? We hope that is a wonderful day~

Alright, back to our subject, today we bring you all good news!!!

T2 Upgraded version is back to sale soon~


It’s been months that T2 keeps in sold out status, which made a lot of our customers keep asking us when the T2 electric skateboard will come back? when will T2 esk8 come back to stock?

Well, from next week, these questions will not be a question anymore! Because T2 electric skateboard is coming back again, coming back with fire!





Upgraded version T2 eskates

You must be noticed that I mentioned the word ‘upgraded version,’

Yes, in this long ‘sold out’ period, T2 was under very extreme and restricted optimization and upgrade, you may think that the old version is perfect, so listen to me:

Although the old version already performed very well, the deck is sturdy and same time the flexibility is good.

But, like every parent in the world, we want our child to be much more better, so based on the old T2 model, we made a structural upgrade, we want our T2 to step further more up! Later content will let you know which parts are what we optimized.




Electric skateboard



Better Deck Material

The deck of the new upgraded version T2 is made of 1 layer of bamboo and 8 layers of Canadian maples,  in total it has 9 layers, bamboo layer giving you much more pliable flexibility while you are turning directions while skating, never need to worry about the technique deficiency, and 8 layers of Canadian maples making the deck more sturdy, bringing convenient maintenance to the owner.


Compare to the old version T2, which is made of 5 layers of Canadian maples and 2 layers of fiberglass, it already performed very well, and the flexibility is good. But the deck of The new T2 version is more conform ergonomic, and easier for people to control.

Also, the gravity center of the board is lower than that of the old version, so the new one will be more safe and stable in high-speed skating.




electric skateboard




ESC and battery

We made a whole new mold for the new T2 version, adapting better materials.

Compare to the old version, the new one has better heat dissipation capacity, it will be very useful in accelerating and braking, which made the new T2 electric skateboard has more functional advantages.




electric skateboard 




Accelerate and brake system

The new ESC system has a better functional system, the speed changing is following the linear acceleration and linear deceleration rule, which means it won’t change its speed in a sudden time, it offers enough safety reassurance elements for the rider.



Other small detail optimization

Ok, this is a small task for you, of course there’s other details we optimized, but this is a task for you to find out, new version T2 electric skateboard will be on sale on 18th, January, Let’s get ready to place your order~

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