How to choose the electric skateboard for beginners ?
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How to choose the electric skateboard for beginners ?

by theresa Wen on Sep 14, 2022

The electric skateboard industry has blossomed immensely in recent years. With many great skateboards popping up on the market constantly, it can be hard to decide which e-board to choose.  It’s important to understand the differences between them so that you can buy a board that will meet your needs. How to choose the electric skateboard for beginners from $300-$1500? This buying guide will help you find what you need to know about electric skateboards before purchasing your first one. 

  • The Types of Electric Skateboards
  • The Types of Drive Train
  • What will you use it for 
  • How fast and how far does it run?
  • Define your budget
  • $300-400 electric skateboard for kids and students 
  • $400-600  Hub motor electric skateboard 
  • $800-1000  Belt motor electric skateboard 
  • $1000-1500 All-Terrain electric skateboard  


The Types of Electric Skateboards

Longboard Electric Skateboards

Regular, non-motorized longboards are actually the original skateboard. They were invented to simulate the feeling of surfing on the sidewalk. If you’re a total beginner, meaning you don’t even have much experience on a regular skateboard, a longboard is probably the safest choice for you.

How to choose the electric skateboard


Shortboard Electric Skateboards

Shortboards are typically shorter and rigid. The wheels are usually smaller, closer together, and harder compared to longboards. The decks are curved upwards on both ends. This enables the rider to perform some useful tricks. They are more portable than others.

Boosted board

Off-road Electric Skateboards

Off-road skateboards simply exist for fun. They are just awesome! The most obvious difference between off-road boards and regular boards is in the trucks and wheels. Off-road boards have huge wheels and wide trucks to handle uneven terrain. The wheels are usually tires, rather than solid urethane, with thick treads to provide traction in the dirt and loose soil.

How to choose the electric skateboard


The Types of Drive Train

Hub Drive

Hub motors require less maintenance, allow for kick pushing, are quieter, and possess less lag. If the battery is dead you can use it just like a regular skateboard.

Hub Drive

Belt Drive

Belt drives have more torque, and hence better acceleration, and better climbing on hills.   For off-road boards, belt drives are essentially the only option.   At the same time, belt drives have less efficient braking.  A belt drive will make it difficult to move your board using foot power if your battery dies.

Belt Drive


Direct drive

Direct drive systems are still pretty new to the scene. They function similarly to belt drive motor systems, but many riders complain that direct drive motors ride closely to the ground. This can cause trouble if debris is kicked up into the enclosed system.

Direct drive


What will you use it for 

The first question that you should answer is - what will be the purpose of your electric skateboard?

The daily commuters: they use an electric skateboard to go to and from work. Generally speaking, they work in the city, and they don’t want to pay for parking or being stuck in traffic;

The weekend fun-seekers: the weekend warriors who just want it for fun. They want to spend time with their kids or friends, explore new places, and explore new places;

Boardsports addicted: surfers or snowboarders who want to use it as a replacement when there are no waves.

Usually, electric longboards are designed for smooth pavements and surfaces - this can be the perfect option for city dwellers who are in need of efficient mobility. If you live in the suburbs and you normally pass through bumpy streets or off-road tracks, then you should invest in an all-terrain electric skateboard.

How to choose the electric skateboard

How fast and how far does it run?

Riding distance is a pretty straightforward concern.  If you plan on riding your e-skateboard for long distances consistently, you’ll want a strong battery.

Some riders might not need an extended range built into their device.  Additionally, you can use a faster charger to help make up for limited battery capacity.

The maximum speed also should be one of your top considerations when choosing since it will define the efficiency of your rides.  The general rule is - the higher the top speed and travel range, the better.

How to choose the electric skateboard


Define your budget

It’s no secret that electric skateboards can be extremely pricey. Some models can run into upwards of $2,000. But you can still get a quality skateboard for far less than $2,000. Below is a list of what you can expect of your e-board at each price level, either if you are looking just for a cheap electric skateboard or a more powerful one.

How to choose the electric skateboard


For kids and teenagers

-Possway V4 Pro $349

Top Speed: 23mph / 38kph

Range: 8miles / 13km

Stable and easy to learn on

Smooth acceleration and braking


Possway V4 Pro Electric Skateboard

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V4 pro has a three-speed mode---S (slow), M(medium), and H(High), Its low mode is very suitable for entry-level beginners and offers you comfortable feelings while riding on the road.  we suggest beginners buy their first electric skateboard at an inexpensive price so as to reduce possible losses. The price of the Possway V4 electric skateboard is only $349, which is relatively cheap but is of good quality among all electric skateboards.

Or maybe you’re an eskate parent and looking for an eboard for your child so you can ride together. Now that sounds like a great weekend activity.

How to choose the electric skateboard


A long range and comfortable riding eboard

-Possway T3 ($499) 

Battery: 10s 36V 7.8Ah (281 Wh) battery

Range: 18-20 mi

Top speed: 28mph / 46kmp

Motors:  2 x 500W (hub)


Possway T3 Electric Skateboard 37″ longboard with Shock-Absorbing Wheels

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Possway T3 is a great beginner-to-intermediate electric skateboard for commuting to work/school and cruising around on weekends so long as you don’t have too many hills to climb.

It’s nice and quiet and has plenty of range and top speed to get you to most places you want to go in a decent time.

The Possway T3 electric skateboard comes with 105mm urban terrain wheels. They are 78A in durometer, which makes them quite comfortable on roads, The 105 mm wheels combined with a flexible deck made the T3 one of the more comfortable boards for excruciatingly poor road conditions. 

Possway T3 Electric Skateboard 37″ longboard with Shock-Absorbing Wheels

The Latest powerful Belt-drive electric skateboard

—Possway Lynx 2 in 1 ($ 889)

Battery: 8Ah,50.4V,12S2P 21700 Samsung 40T  Li-ion Battery

Range: 18-26mi / 30-42km

Top speed: 32mph / 52kph  

Motors:  2700W、145KV

Wheels: 105*65mm + 90*54mm


possway lynx electric skateboard

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Possway Lynx is the first belt-driven electric skateboard of Possway, it is highly appreciated by experienced riders.  And Possway Lynx has powerful dual motor, boasting a top speed of 32mph / 52kph.  This board equips with the sumgsung40T  cell to get the range to18-26mi / 30-42km.

Additionally, Possway Lynx has a climbing inclination of 48%.   When it comes to the wheels, we have 90 mm and 105mm wheels for you to choose from.  A strong grip allows you to live a more comfortable riding experience.

The 5A charger is another advantage actually, it takes just 1.5 hours to charge the battery from 0% to 100%.


Powerful All-terrain board – Possway GTC ($1349)


Range: 30km / 19miles 

Speed: 38KM/h / 24MPH

Battery: 10S4P, 11.6Ah,417.6Wh 

Motors: 1500W *2 Belt Drive

Wheels: 175mm / 7 Inch Pneumatic Tires

ESC: Hobbywing System

Possway GTC All-Terrian Belt Drive Electric Skateboard 40” Carbon Longboard

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An All-Terrain Electric Skateboard is perfect for those who are looking for a reliable electric-powered skateboard all year round.  It's also a good choice for those who live near the beach and in the countryside where the pathways can be sandy, muddy, and rugged.  

Possway GTC is the first all-terrain electric skateboard of Possway. It provides its users with the utmost comfort and the best riding experience. 

This electric skateboard comes with 175mm / 7 Inch Pneumatic Tires, perfect for any kind of terrain, and coupled with double kingpin trucks for maximum stability. The length of the deck is 40" and it's made of the Highest grade carbon fiber. 

It's equipped with two 1,500-watt motors that offer excellent dynamic balance. In terms of range and capacity, this beast can travel for up to 19 miles.

How to choose the electric skateboard


Final thoughts

Electric skateboards are increasingly becoming a favorite of thousands of commuters, hobbyists, and other fun riders.  The e-skateboard has even become some people’s primary way of traveling to work or visiting entertainment places.

It’s essential to choose the best e-skateboard that fits your needs and serves your purposes. 

We hope this article has helped you learn more about electric skateboards and how to choose the right one for you. Happy skating!


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