Is Possway T3 electric skateboard waterproof? POSSWAY
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Is Possway T3 electric skateboard waterproof?

by May Chen on Jun 22, 2022

is Possway T3 electric skateboard waterproof

From all the newly emerging electric skateboards, I am quite sure that I fancy the Possway T3, so I am about to order one, but somewhere I live in the city that easily rains sometimes, it is not raining all the day, it is oceanic climate, sometimes it rains a month, sometimes it sunny all the period.

So my biggest question is, is Possway T3 electric skateboard waterproof? Could I use it convenient most of the time?

Is Possway T3 electric skateboard waterproof?

So in order to fix my own question, first I learned that From the Possway official website, T3’s product detailed page released a waterproof level of IP65 water-resistant, but I don’t know how much it can resist, so Continuing, I get myself to know about what IP65 states of, then I know Possway T3 resist a high level of dust, medium level of water resistance.




Is Possway T3 electric skateboard waterproof?

The Meaning of IP ratings

The meaning of IP ratings comprises two numbers.

The first number ranges from 0 to 6 which is used to measure the degree of protection of the device against solid objects such as debris, sand, dirt, and dust. The zero (0) indicates that the device is not protected from hard items while six (6) states that the device is highly secured from the solid objects.

The second number ranges from 0 – 9 whereby zero (0), means that the device is not protected from liquids while; nine (9) indicates that the level of waterproof protection is high or so the device is waterproof.

In the case of IP65, the first number indicate an IP rating of six (6) which means the device is solid tight and has no ingress of dust. The device is, therefore, suitable to use in places with a lot of dust, dirt, or moving objects like debris. The second number has an IP rating of 5 means that it gets secured from water jetting from any angle. It, therefore, means IP65 is not waterproof, and it is not suitable to be submerged. It, therefore, means that IP65 is not recommended go with it swimming or showering. The water will leak and eventually damage the device, which has no warranty for water damage.





Is Possway T3 electric skateboard waterproof?

By inference from all the principles above, it can be referenced that T3’s water resistance effect, which is listed below:

It has complete protection from oil, dust, and non-corrosive materials
It get protection against contact with enclosed items
It gets from water projection from a nozzle against an enclosure coming from any direction.



Is Possway T3 electric skateboard waterproof?





So after all the data I collected, I'd if it rains outside, I'd better not ride it, and not riding it through the puddle.

If it was an accident, you might not intend to ride it in the rain from the beginning, but all of a sudden, comes the rain, what will happen to the skateboard?
Someone told me, he dries the skateboard physically, a few days after, the skateboard worked back again. But he never dares to ride it in the rain.

Water is an essential element for all living lives, without water the life would be very hard to live, but it was bad for the electric skateboard, as well as for the bearings, trucks, and other components. Keep your skateboard away from the rain.

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