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4 safety tips new electric skaters need to know

by Sarah Wu on May 14, 2021

Electric Skateboard growing popularity has inspired action sports enthusiasts. The electric skateboards we have today are getting more & more advanced and truly surprising in the specs you can now pick up for less than $500.Going back 3-4 years, these types of electric skateboards would cost over $2,000.

 I would even say Possway T2 was the best electric skateboard under $500. Made from 5-layer Canadian maple and 2-layer fiberglass, symmetrical design, the deck offers durability and strength for a perfect ride. 

Of course, as a new skateboarder, safety comes first, so let's take a look at four safety tips that every new electric skater should know.


Wear safety gear

The first thing that you should give importance to is your safety. It might be inevitable to have a stumble or two, especially when it’s your first time, but the safety gear will lessen the damage. It will be difficult to balance, so it is advisable to wear clothes that cover your skin and gear to you safe and secure. With this, you can go and enjoy your first ride.


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Find a safe place to skate 

It might be tempting to skate inside your house or outside on the street, but some dangers might happen. You can knock off furniture, or distract some cars on the street. It is better to find a safe place to practice. You can go check your local park or a boardwalk. Make sure these places have some soft surfaces or grounds. This will help you practice better. A bumpy and uneven surface can be dangerous for beginners.

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Skate in good weather

Skate when the weather is nice, and the ground is dry. Slippery surfaces can be very dangerous. Also, water can do some damages or rust to your longboard’s hardware and affect its performance. Pick a good day and time to go skating. You wouldn’t want to go in the early afternoon when it’s too hot or the evening when it’s too dark.  

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Be responsible

As a beginner rider, you must be responsible. Avoid overdoing it. Practice slowly and step by step. You will be able to master tricks and styles soon, but for the first few weeks, start with the basics.

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When one is new to skateboarding, a stumble and a fall are inevitable, especially when adjusting to the speed, the surface, and the wheels of the skateboard. Just like any other sport, there are precautions one must always follow. Getting into extreme sports doesn’t just revolve around the idea of thrill and fast-paced speed; instead, it also promotes the safety and well-being of every rider. 

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