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Best. E-skateboard. Ever.

I received my Possway T2 Electric Skateboard on June 14th. My first e-skateboard was my nephew's Genesis Tomahawk. I rode that practically every night for over a year. That was until last month when my nephew took his board back. I missed riding it so much I decided to buy one myself. When I tried to buy myself the Genesis board, I discovered that they are no longer making or selling the Genesis Tomahawk. I was devastated and just knew that I would never find a board as good as the Tomahawk. I pretty much gave up at that point and at one point even debated stealing the skateboard back from my nephew. Luckily, I have a great girlfriend who looked up best electric skateboards for 2021 and discovered the Possway T2 Electric Skateboard. She is the one who actually got me to order it. After charging it up for the first time, I haven't been able to stop riding it. On my first charge, I rode the board for 32 miles!!! FYI, I'm a tall and very skinny guy (6'2" and between 115lbs-120lbs). That is way longer than the Tomahawk could go on a single charge and it goes a lot faster too (the top speed the Tomahawk said it could go was 17mph and so far the fastest I've clocked myself on the T2 is 24mph and it'll still go faster I'm just too chicken to try)! I'm a grown man (well over 40) and I very much appreciate the cushioned grip tape on the T2, I can really tell the difference. Another feature I enjoy is the speedometer in the remote, the Tomahawk didn't have that in their remote. Overall this is a far superior skateboard and really a top-notch electric skateboard for the price! I have several friends with e-skateboards (of varying prices) and this board beats their boards in either features, range, speed, or all of the above! Plus there's nothing better than being able to challenge my friends and nephew to a race and beat the pants off them (especially my nephew who thinks I'm too old to beat him at anything) !!! I highly, HIGHLY recommend this board for anyone looking for a great e-skateboard at a very reasonable price! This board will not disappoint and most likely it will exceed your expectations! Thank goodness my girlfriend talked me into getting this board. I have ridden this thing every day since buying it. I'm 24 miles into my second charge and it's still going strong! And I will probably ride this board every night until I am too old to do so! I ride it everywhere, my brother's house, all around my neighborhood, and to my friends houses. I really love this board and I don't think there's a better board for the price.

I love this e skateboard

I've been skateboarding everywhere even to work


Ok so this board is awesome I have been riding this thing for like 4 days now and I have had no problems with it at all it handles hills perfectly and I enjoy riding it. It turns really well and handles bumps such as rocks and sticks and I am still perfectly fine and I mean I don’t get stuck and fall off it just rolls right over them and shipping is amazing as well.

I absolutely love this electric skateboard. I purchased it for my 14 year old son, but he’s away for the summer so I tested the skateboard out myself. Recommended 100%.

Pu sleeves

Exactly what I needed, and just like the originals. The first set lasted 300 miles, but I imagine that depends on the surface you ride on. The inside edge where it gripes onto the hub motor was wearing, and causing vibration. The new ones arrived in just about two weeks. Swapping them out was pretty easy!

It’s amazing

I got this like 3 weeks ago and it’s so much fun I ride it Thur town all the time 10/10 highly recommend

A fun board

Great value, great fun. Taking the dog for a run is so much more now!

Love my new skateboard

My wife could not be happier. I bought this for my wife after she wanted a skateboard to ride with my son. My son has a non electric and I opted for the Possway electric for the wife. Thankfully I did because she has used it every day and now the 7 year old son is using it more then his non electric. It is so much fun to use and it is great that it has the low, medium and high speed function for the entry level board. Delivery was super quick and the quality of the board is fantastic.

5 Stars! It’s a cracker!!!

Ordered the T1 board on line and it arrived within a few days. Ready to ride straight from the box (it was even pre-charged)
The quality of the board is fantastic, and it’s a lot faster than I expected. Good amount of torque for climbing hills etc. great fun would definitely recommend this brand for product and service! 5stars!

Great company making great products

I recently bought a Pre V4 and I absolutely love it for commuting to work and getting out of the house for a bit of light exercise. It carves beautifully making turning corners nice and easy. Customer service is really fast and responsive too. Couldn't recommend enough.

Bought this a little while ago and such a good purchase and amazing for the price!! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a skateboard. Super quick postage and great support.

Best purchase

Bought this a little while ago and such a good purchase and amazing for the price!! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a skateboard. Super quick postage and great support.

Excellent value for money, 100% recommend
Purchased the T2 skateboard and despite never skating before it was really easy and comfortable to use.

Runs really smoothly and is clearly good quality.

I have used it on paved roads, grass and dirt roads and have had no issues. battery lasts a long time, my legs start to hurt before I can go through the whole battery!

It's been absolutely amazing value for money and definitely turns heads and has made other people jealous haha :P Highly recommend purchasing your skate board with this company, you won't be disappointed!

One of the best out there. Reliable boards with helpful customer service.

I can recommend. Very fast responding, very helpful and ALWAYS A PLEASURE! and the products are the best in the market for the price. most of competitive boards quality wise cost at least 50% more. rode 500kms on their V4 without problems yet

I got a possway T1 board shipped to hungary, with no issue. It arrived within two months. I recently ordered the v4 I hope it will ship soon.

great company

I bought my possway a few weeks back and it shipped to denmark with no issiues. the board showed up with no damage, i took it for a spin and it worked flawlessly. i would recomend possway for anybody looking for a new esk8

I need help connecting it

Possway Boards are an excellent value.

The quality of the product, compared to the price, is almost too good to be true. I am hopeful this company will continue to innovate and push the edge of the technology.

Good experience

!Love the board. Tryin to get everyone I know on one


I love this board it is the best on the market! The deck is very flexible compared to other boards this one is much better. It is very easy to learn on! Riding is very fun and this is the best board on the market!


I have tried a friend’s electric skateboard, which is too heavy to carry. This board can just meet my needs. Put it in the trunk, you can ride at any time. And he has a more sense of design than most electric skateboards, and it looks great. This is my ideal skateboard

love it

Never ride an esk8 before and this is my first Eboard. My knees down aren't that good anymore from street skating and the V4 looks like a cool designed and nice entry-level electric skateboard. I'm not wrong, this board got me back out and skating around for the new chapter. Absolutely love skating and this board is everything I could have ever hoped for. Thanks for making such an affordable but yet quality product.

Possway t2

Amazing just...Amazing
Great customer service from day one!

Absolutely amazing

I have to admit that I was very skeptical when I first looked at this board because of the specs and comparison to other boards that are out there with similar specs the price was so low so I just assumed this would be something that didn't perform as well as it says it does I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was really wrong this thing outperforms its advertisement it is absolutely great the mileage is astounding the smoothness of the ride is astounding the speed that it can handle is astounding this thing for the price is absolutely unbeatable there is nothing on the market that is as good as this in this price range I'll be purchasing at least two more

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