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I have literally never ridden a skateboard in my life and decided the idea of an electric skateboard was too cool not to give it a shot. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to start to gain confidence on the board based on the way that it is set up. It has adjustable speeds and allows you to work your way up to your comfort level. It doesn't quite get the 10 miles but I expected that based on my weight (180lbs). I would say it probably gets between 30-40 minutes of ride time, around 6-7 miles before you start to see a the power drop and it begin to die. That is on high mode. Either way, it's awesome and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Highly Recommend!

My boys love this skateboard!

I bought 2 skateboards. One for my current college kid to get around campus and one for my high school senior who will be attending college next fall. They both LOVE their boards and use them daily. The boards are light enough for them to carry in class and they charge quickly.

Wish I could afford better

This is a good starting board for sure. Or great for kids. Not so great for someone who was wanting one that could go long way and fast. But over all it’s a ok board for sure.

Remote for Possway V4
Kristy Teasley
New remote

Works excellent once we figured out how to pair it

Super happy with my purchase!!!

This was a Christmas present for my granddaughter and she has been skateboarding since the moment she received it. This is a great beginners skateboard and allows the user to gradually increase the speed as they feel more confident. Smooth ride and easy to use control. I would also like to add that Possway has a great customer service.

So happy with our purchase

Amazing product. Great speed options, very smooth. Everyone loves it from 11 years old-21 years old.

Possway V4 Electric Skateboard
Elizabeth Van Barneveld
12/25/21 Delighted

My granddaughter was absolutely delighted with this skateboard! She had it unpacked and riding it as soon as she could!! It was amazing!! She started slow but she was fine with that!


My grandson age 12 just received his for Christmas. He loved it. I bought it not knowing anything about skateboards and it was perfect. It was just the right size and the design was perfect per him. It came fast, received it in less than a week. Very well made. Light enough for carrying.

My kids birthday gifts

Bought this for my little girl's birthday, and she loves it very much, we loves outdoors activities, this scooters give much high quality time for our family.

Very satisfied

I haven't spent much time riding this scooter yet but I am enjoying every minute of it so far. Personally, I much prefer having my own, where I can maintain it myself and always know it's ready to go when I am. It gives me much flexibility time.

Good scooter

I got the scooter so I could commute and run errands without my car. The scooter makes it easy. It feels very safe to ride with the braking systems, sturdy frame. I don’t think I could’ve gotten a better scooter.

Bought it for my kids

this very adorable for kids, the velocity is not that quick, also easy to take. my kids like it.

Excellent quality and very user friendly

We bought 2 scooters. One we review as very good. It works great and is easy to use and fun to ride. it's convenient for daily commute

Feature rich daily driver for grocery runs

So I’ve only had it for a few hours but I’m really impressed so far. I’ve never had much luck with bikes in this town (tires would get punctured in a week or 2 be someone) so the solid airless tires were a big selling point for me. I’ll mostly be using this for daily grocery runs and just cruising around a bit. As long as it holds up this should turn out to be a pretty solid purchase.

Amazing board my stepson loves it!!

Well built and just the right size for older kids

I was shopping for an electric scooter for my 6 year daughter. I almost considered buying a full size scooter, but they are really meant for kids 13 and older. In addition, there are many more controls which could overwhelm someone coming from an unpowered kick scooter. This the limit speed 4 mph, without worrying about curious kiddo.

I Highly recommend Buying it

The battery life is awesome I honestly enjoy the scooter for Short distance Commuting, especially in the Downtown Area I love it, and the mileage is exactly as described what it says on the box, and it’s met my expectations on how durable the structure is!

Best for short commutes and lugging up subway stairs

Bought specifically for short commutes to and from work (4.5 miles each way) and ease of bringing up 3 flights of stairs to my walk-up apartment or up/down subway stairs, and for those two requirements of mine this possway is best. also the price is good.

Super smooth

I’m 58 yrs old. 5’8” 160 lbs and I think this is a great board. Easy to ride. Stable. Solid feel. Takes a lot of awareness to use - brace forward on take off - brace back when braking - even taking the power you need to brace a little. Plenty of power for me. I can go up a good sized hill in High mode that I thought - no way. 15 mph is enough for good fun. Faster and you are definitely are a thrill seeker. Have not tested for how far I can go. A++ for a neighborhood board.

Battery issue

I really like the board and I think it works great for a starting board ;however, the battery is a lot worse then advertised. My school is only 2 miles away but my board battery life has only survived the journey there once. Every other time the board dies and I have to push the board myself. I think this is great if everything is extremely close to you. Less then 2 miles I’d recommend. Besides the battery the controls are easy and simple. The speed is good enough, it’s a good Board just the distance is a bit too far for the places I want to go.

Possway V4

We gifted this to our 13 year old for his Birthday. He likes it a lot. He rides it around our neighborhood, it is a perfect speed for his age group.

Great Starter Platform - Crusin' !

Since the V4 arrived, I've been having a Blast riding at night around the nice parts of the neighborhood. Having ridden a Vision deck since 1986, the switch to the longboard style was fairly easy. Started in low, and got the basics on a closed roller hockey ring, upped the speed to medium to get comfortable in an empty parking lot, and now I'm on high all the time. I got the Universe color, and the blue tip tells you which way is forward. You simply cannot beat the value proposition here with this board. I haven't worn all of the protective gear since I was a kid, but as an adult, I am diligent about all of the following: 1. Helmet 2. High Visibility Vest, 3. Wrist Guards, 4. Elbow Pads, 5. Knee Pads, 6. Gloves, 7. Bright Flashlight. In addition to the safety gear, I have tightened the trucks substantially. This makes tight turning a bit more difficult, but eliminates the wobbles at speed. Also, after a couple rides, it is a good idea to slightly loosen the front wheels as they come a bit overtightened from the factory and do not spin completely freely. This is helpful at first as you are learn to brace and balance for the acceleration. Accelerating up hill will make you grin from ear to ear, and the having the ability to brake and slow down is a game changer. I've gone down hills on this that I would never consider attempting on a normal board simply by using the brake ahead of time and during the descent. You need to be careful on these things and assume that people do not see you. This is the gateway to e-mobility for me and I am at the heavier end of the weight limit (205-210) so expectations of torque going up hill need to be realistic, especially on steeper grades. The power is just enough, and you will not be going "insanely fast" on this board unless you accelerate or fail to brake while going down hills. This is an amazing entry point into the e-skate world and if approached with the respect and caution that this type of activity deserves, can be a massive amount of fun for anyone. This is the right place to start !

Awesome Electric Skateboard!!!

My 10 year old loves this board!!!!


I bought this skateboard for my 8 year old son for his birthday. There was a part that needed repair, I contacted them via email with pictures and within a few days they shipped me an entirely new skateboard! Amazing customer service! Great product.


It was just really great, easy to control. The speed is gradual and it was so easy to learn. I love it so much!

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