Electric skateboard as Christmas gift for 2021 POSSWAY
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Electric skateboard as Christmas gift for 2021

by Sarah Wu on Dec 04, 2021

Electric Skateboard gift for Christmas

The theme of Christmas rolls over the street of everywhere, Santa Clause with Christmas costume, Reindeer with sleigh coming from long distance, ribbons, snowflakes, socks, all coming in this season, you’ve waited for this for a whole year!

It’s time to celebrate Christmas, it’s time to pick up a gift for your friend!

V4 electric skateboard is absolutely the best choice for this Christmas!




Electric skateboard suits for all age

electric skateboard

Possway V4 electric skateboard is a entry-level electric skateboard that needs no special skills in the world of esk8! 

The range of our customers spans a wide range, once a 58-year-old customer leaves a comment on our websites, said: I’m 58 yrs old. 5’8” 160 lbs and I think this is a great board. Easy to ride. Stable. Solid feel. Takes a lot of awareness to use - brace forward on take-off - brace back when braking - even taking the power you need to brace a little. Plenty of power for me. I can go up a good-sized hill in High mode that I thought - no way. 15 mph is enough for good fun. Faster and you are definitely are a thrill seeker. Have not tested for how far I can go. A++ for a neighborhood board.

Electric skateboard sure did help our customers a lot, by using industrial design and principles, our team made this electric skateboard, it saves people’s time from long-distance commute also saves people’s energy as well.

Aside from its practicality, this board also is entertaining.

A mommy give this electric skateboard as a gift to his son, then told us that Her 10-year-old son loves it!!! We sincerely feel happy about this news!




Well designed grip tapes

electric skateboard

With its beautiful and fascinating design, we sure did gain a lot of fans, to be honest, who will not fall in love with this design?




High Operating performance

possway v4

V4 has a three-speed mode to meet your demands, remote control while riding, its low mode is very suits to younger kids or entry-level beginners which offers you comfortable feelings while riding on the road, also you can experience the pleasure which the velocity brings to you.

After a while of skateboarding, you'll get onto a high level, which the high-speed mode can offer you excitation of velocity.






Trustworthy purchase service

Before manufacturing. Our company has done lots of surveys on the market. in order to ensure our customer has good experiences, we offer 180 days warranty, as long as you have a product problem, feel free to contact us at any time.


What gift can be sent to Friends?

What gift is under $300?

What gift can be sent for Christmas also won’t be hard to taken? -V4 electric skateboard!


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