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Is it hard to ride an electric skateboard for beginners?

by Skateboard Possway on Nov 24, 2020

When a novice is just starting to use an electric skateboard, there are a few tips to pay attention to. It can make your skateboard last longer.


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Electric Skateboard Battery


Forbid plugging conductive objective into the charging interface; otherwise, the internal electronic devices in the skateboard might be short-circuited and damaged, and it might even be dangerous. Please use the electric skateboard at 10-30℃ as much as possible; otherwise, it will accelerate the aging of the battery at high or low temperature, accelerate the attenuation of battery capacity, shorten the battery life, and reduce the driving millage.

In case of failure with the battery, dispose of it by the authorized agent of electric skateboard, and forbid dismantling and adapting it without permission.


electric skateboard battery
Electric Skateboard Battery




The lithium battery has no memory function, and it can be charged whenever needed. To extend the battery life maximally, please fully charge the battery every time after riding. If you charge the skateboard battery only when it has been used up, the lithium battery will be over-discharged, and the battery life will be attenuated sharply. Forbid charging the over-discharged lithium battery (it could not be charged)! There is a potential safety hazard with the over-discharged battery, so please scrap the battery.

If you don’t ride the electric skateboard for a long time, put it in a cool and dry indoor place, fully charge the battery, maintain at least 80% battery level, and charge it at least once every two months.

Eskateboard Charging




Ensure the skateboard is powered off, unplug the charging cable, snap the dust cap off the charging interface, then wipe the shell or surface of the electric skateboard with a wet cloth, and don’t allow water to flow into the charging interface or the shell of the electric part, to avoid damaging the electric skateboard.





Regularly inspect the bridge nuts and truck bolts at installation position of front and rear bridge component, and tighten them timely if they are loose.

If there is a “chatter” sound during the riding, add a few drops of lubricating oil at the position of bridge PU and top PU in time to lighten the wear.

Please regularly check whether the left and right PU wheels of the skateboard and motor PU jacket are worn seriously, whether the bearing is worn and makes an abnormal sound and the skateboard slides smoothly. For the seriously worn PU wheel, please have it replaced by the authorized agent or dealer’s customer service staff.

Regular use of high-temperature lubricating oil in motor PU grooves can prolong the service life of motor PU wheels and reduce the noise in the driving process.




Note: The lithium battery is usually classified as a hazardous article according to the shipping law. If you need to transport a lithium battery, please observe the requirements of local laws and regulations. To facilitate after-sales service, return, and replacement of goods, please keep the original package of the whole skateboard properly; if the skateboard needs to be repaired, please transport it with the original package and pack it tightly, to avoid secondary damage in transit. Thanks for your support.


Waste, disposal


When disposing of Skateboard or batteries, they must be recycled according to the regulations and standards of each region.

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