Mentor guide before ordering an electric skateboard
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Mentor guide before ordering an electric skateboard

by May Chen on Jan 14, 2023


At the End of the year of tiger, Chinese people are all in exhilabration, they are all excited to embrace the upcoming Spring Festival and lantern Festival,as it brings the longest holidays in China’s working system, longer as 17 working days! Craziness and happiest Holidays! Of course, Possway Team shares the happiness with all Chinese people together, enjoy the family reunion and classmates reunion during the festival, embrace the new year luckiness, extend welcome to new fortune. The question is, a lot of party places are a little far away, sometimes, party comes to piled up one by one, you have no time to wait for a Uber car, you need to have a convenience vehicle to commute from place to place, having an electric skateboard would fix most of your anxiety, today Possway Team invited Skateboarder Senior Eddie to be as a mentor guide to lead our beginners to order new eboards from our online store.

Let’s welcome Rider Eddie!

Hello, everyone, Eddie come back again. Chinese new year is right at the corner, Posswway Team would welcome the long terms holiday, which the online consult might not be immidiately, so they invite me to bring the mentor guide of all the electric skateboard from Possway.





Let’s started from Lynx electric skateboard

Lynx was lauched around October, until now, it has already sold out for 100 boards already, the comments from the skateboard riders are all positive, most of the people like its extended range and smooth riding experience. With the 105mm wheels, it could reach up to 26 miles/ 42km in a total range, especially in a busy socially holidays. Also, its package is equipd with two sets of wheels, one is smaller wheels as 90mm wheels, another one is bigger wheels as 105mm wheels, with the convenient tools comes with the skateboard, you can experience both wheels at any time.






Possway T3 electric skateboard

The second recommend is Possway T3 electric skateboard, as you guys might know, T3 is the best seller in the past year, it’s smooth cruse contribute to its shock absorbing wheels, also the board could be more powerful by converting its wheels to 90mm wheels. Friendly control system with equable acceleration made T3 the most price efficient board in Possway online website, only $499 you can get a powerful vehicle than other tools could offer.






The V4 pro electric skateboard

The V4 pro electric skateboard is a high premium and upgraded beginner level skateboard, its predecessor is Possway V4 board, product upgrade and iteration brings better technological progress. V4 pro offers gentle speed in each speed mode, offering better feeling to the rider with safe riding experience, no dangerous factors remained while the one is riding at a low speed. V4 Pro suited for the younger teenagers and budget limited skateboarder and beginners. It weights a little bit lighter than Possway T3, suits for girls very much, no need to worries too heavy that you can not hold it up.






Skateboard Coupon

Ok, guys, that’s all the guide for this year, at the end of the tiger year, Eddie and Possway Team wish you a happy new year and bright future.

Below is the special coupons for you to order the new skateboard during this period, $15 off coupon: COOLBOARD.

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