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Top 10 best electric skateboard in 2022

by May Chen on May 13, 2022

Hello, e-skateboarders, This is Eddie record, when I first saw the electric skateboard flowed into in the market, I got hooked on it, so I started my eboard riding way. For years, I have digging in the market, and I learned to identify well-performued eskates in a versatile way, how to pick an electric skateboard according to different requirements or to choose an electric skateboard within a specific budget.


So my team and me were reviewed almost more than 30 electric skateboards under $500 from last year until last month, all the skateboard you can find in the market. As you know, low price electric skateboards with good performance are not easy to find, but hard work pays off, a good product would find a way to express itself. So we picked the top 10 best electric skateboard in 2022 from the list, now we compiled them together in this article, go find out and discover our top picks and get one for yourself as a lucky board.



First of all, let’s talk about the reason that you choose electric skateboard, there’s as many commute tools in the market as people could find, kinds of types that one could imagine, why electric skateboard was that special?




The Reason To Choose an Electric Skateboard Instead of Skateboard

If you are new to skateboard, you will know that normal skateboard is more difficult to get skilled with than an electric skateboard. You need to gain all the skills all on your own, skateboard just like a naughty boy which does not be docile easily, it is not stable when you first step your feet on it, you feel shaky, you feel slippery, and without external support, you will fall heavily, after you defeat all the barrier, the skating pleasure will come after. But electric skateboard will not be like that, it has braking hub motor control inside of the wheels, all of the shaky factors won’t be exist, instead it is very stable, comfortable, not shaky at all, what amazing is, you could learn it within 5 minutes, totally amazing.

With its power capacity, electric skateboard fully played its advantages, top speed could as fast as 32miles per hours, remote controlled electric skateboard could control the brake immediately, anticipate the danger in advance in case dangerous accident happen.

So let’s jump into the top best 10 electric skateboard in 2022 now!




Possway T3 Electric Skateboard 37” Longboard with Shock-absorbing Wheels


Top 10 best electric skateboard in 2022
Top 10 best electric skateboard in 2022
  • Maximum idling speed: 32 mph / 52 kmh
  • Range: 28-32 km/ 17-20 miles, the range varies according to the road, slope, and rider’s weight
  • Battery: 280.8wh,7.8Ah,42V,10S3P 18650 Li-ion Battery
  • Wheels:105*65mm,85 resilience,SHR78A (Shock-Absorbing Wheels)
  • Motors:500W*2 hub motors
  • Deck:1 ply bamboo and 8 ply Canadian maple
  • Warranty: 180 days warranty
  • Other advantages: support swappable battery and swappable wheels 




This is the perfect electric skateboard Featured shock-absorbing wheels, a price-efficient skateboard that is under $500 currently, the design itself is very decent, high level, and advanced. This is the best for recreation, long-distance commute, and daily transportation.

perfect gravity concentration design contributes to its stability, unique w-concave deck models made the deck more fit for human feet and offer the best smoothness. And Its ESC 2.0 also played a big role in its smooth ride. The electric remote keeps receiving signal stable, then you get the perfect ride.


Talking about the high point advantages, this advanced electric skateboard with shock-absorbing wheels is very safe for going down steep hills, the convex and concave surface of the shock-absorbing wheels would grab the ground tightly. normally, shock-absorbing wheels are expensive, so does could wheels, with the original wheels, the price of the skateboard would run much higher, but Possway seems to have powerful confidence for its price, only $499 required for the current, which is crazy, totally didn’t make any profit from it. What’s more, the craze is, that its supports swappable wheels, if your road condition is steeper, needed the skateboard with more gradeability, you could swap the wheels to smaller as 90mm wheels, it would transfer more momentum to rotate over the hill.


Another amazing merit is its battery capacity, according to its official data on the website, for a rider with a normal-size, weight, on an even road, the utmost range within a single charge could reach 20 miles, that’s awesome! And the top speed even could reach 32 miles per hour, which is very thrilling, I love it!!



So if you are new to skateboarding, want to get aboard to practice your skills, and don’t want to throw thousands of dollars into the entry board, I strongly recommend Possway T3 electric skateboard, no expensive costs, decently designed, advanced commuter, fastest speed electric skateboard, you deserve it!!! Click here to read honest review from









Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard- The Powerful Motorized Shortboard


Top 10 best electric skateboard in 2022
  • New Condition - New in box, all original packing materials. 
  • Refurb Condition - Like new out of the box. Motors, guards, and wheels are all new. The deck might have light scuffs. Manuals not included. 60 day warranty applies. 
  • Used Condition - Battery, Motors, and belts operate perfectly.  The board will have signs of use including but not limited to: Packaging, motor guards, deck, and covers.  Used boards are sold as is,  warranty does not apply.




Boost Mini X is one of the fastest electric skateboards available on the market with 20 mph top speed. It is a perfect gift for shorter commutes, quick errands, and cruising campus.
The custom-designed Deep Dish composite is crafted around the durable and lightweight poplar core. It is wrapped in elegant fiberglass to offer a smooth and comfortable ride. This small skateboard can easily take on hills as steep as 20%. Also, the board offers split-second control of acceleration and braking


Featuring a regenerative braking system, the skateboard has three riding modes to deliver the best experience outdoors. A lithium-ion battery needs about 2 hours for a complete charge to offer you 14 miles ride. The 80mm lunar wheels are durable and work perfectly on different terrains.


Overall, Boosted Mini X electric skateboard is durable, fast, and offers a comfortable riding experience. The built app (both for iOS and Android) is there to give you control of your ride. But overall, Boosted Mini X is durable, fast, and offers ultra-smooth riding experience with its compact size.






Meepo V4 electric skatebaord - The Beautiful Electric Skateboard

Top 10 best electric skateboard in 2022
  • Range:10/18 miles range - Great for your daily commute.
  • Top Speed:29 mph top speed - Fastest in class.
  • High quality - Strictly tested in real-life situations.
  • 105MM Donut wheels -More comfortable riding
  • Warranty - 6 Month warranty
  • Intellent remote controlled electric skateboard


    The Meepo V4 is one of the best-selling electric skateboards from this manufacturer and for good reason. It’s not as expensive as some other boards on our list, but it delivers when it comes to building quality and key specs, with its function, based on their product data, the price paid off.


    Meepo claims the V4 has the lowest manufacturer defect rate on the market. That’s hard to verify, electric vehicles would run a lot of bumps on the road, but the company backs it with six months of warranty, on the other hand, it is a great option for most of us. The cool thing is you can kick push the V4 when your battery runs out. Plus, there’s a USB outlet on the battery pack, because why not?

    Unfortunately, you can’t get any extra wheel options with the V4, which would’ve been nice for those who want to hit rougher surfaces like grass.

    Meepo V3 also was the famous electric skateboard in the market, unfortunately, it is uncontinued now.







    Skatebolt Tornado II - The Decent High Level Electric Skateboard

    Top 10 best electric skateboard in 2022
  • Long range up to 24miles/38km
  • Top speed up to 26 mph/42kmph - similar to a safe driving speed in cities.
  • Four modes for both beginners and advanced skaters to enjoy
  • Classic design that already conveys strength and durability
  • Improved stability during high-speed riding


    The highly impressive Skatebolt Tornado II also is on our list.

    It's one of the latest offerings from a rapidly growing brand in the industry and the sheer amount of value offered makes it one of the best electric skateboards overall in our opinion.

    The Skatebolt Tornado II is synonymous with the sturdy build quality, snappy acceleration, and solid range. The 8-layer Northeast Maple deck provides enough flex for comfortable riding while reducing shaking and road vibrations to a minimum. The ultra-wide 11-inch deck is great for beginners and advanced skaters alike and gives a solid riding experience for people with large feet.

    The unique aluminum alloy-covered steel truck design is immensely strong and dampens shaking while giving you full control when turning - safely and responsively.


    The board features two 350-watt hub motors and four riding modes that peak at 25 MPH. The acceleration feels incredible and the electric skateboard is able to climb hills of up to 25 degrees effortlessly even at low battery levels.

    The Skatebolt Tornado II uses 90mm PU wheels. 90mm is often labeled as the ideal wheel size for electric skateboards as it provides a balance between riding comfort and controllability.

    The wireless remote control feels good in the hand (intended for right-handers) and provides all the information you need at your fingertips. You can change direction, and speed settings, keep up with your speed and battery levels and even turn on the bright red taillights for added safety.






    Halo Board Beast - The Newemerging Electric Skateboard

    Top 10 best electric skateboard in 2022
  • Deck Material: Upgraded Bamboo + Fiberglass Blend
  • Motor: 3200 Watt Dual Direct-Drive Motors
  • Halo Board Speed Speed: 26 MPH
  • Range: Up to 25 Miles
  • Halo Board Charger Charger: UL Certified Charger Included
  • Warranty: 6 Months Guaranteed
  • Hill Grade: Up to 25%
  • Weight: 23 lbs


    If you want the best of the best, we recommend taking a look at the Halo Board Beast. This beast of an electric skateboard combines top-of-the-line construction with unmatchable power.

    Geared with dual direct-drive hub motors totaling 3200 watts of power, you'll be able to reach speeds of 26 miles an hour or more. Its 10.4Ah FireSafe certified lithium-ion battery is of the highest quality and allows you easily travel 25 miles per charge.

    As the Halo Board Beast only weighs 23 lbs, it isn't all that heavy when considering the power it houses. The pro-grade Canadian ply maple wood deck is responsive yet sturdy and you really feel in control even in sharp high-speed turns.

    This new electric skateboard is equipped with unyielding 12-inch aluminum double-Kingpin trucks and 97mm wheels. As an add-on you can purchase 120 mm all-terrain wheels should you want an off-road capable electric board solution. The ergonomic Halo Bluetooth remote control is intuitive, functional, and feels good in your hands.

    The Halo Board Beast is hands down the best board if you remove the price from the equation. The price is steep but you get what you pay for - an incredible riding experience like nothing you've ever tried before.







    Maxfind Max2 Pro - Expensive And Decent Electric Skateboard


    Top 10 best electric skateboard in 2022
  • Range 21 Miles / 35 Km
  • Hill Climbing 28%
  • Motor Power 600W*2
  • Motor Torque 4.7 N.m*2
  • Battery LG 10S2P, 6.4Ah, 230Wh, 36V
  • Deck Design Diamond Cutting Design
  • Deck Material Nylon Fiber + Glass Fiber
  • Trucks Max II 45° Truck (10.6 inch / 270 mm CNC Precision Forging)
  • Dimension 31(L), 10.6(W), 5(H) Inch / 80, 27, 12.5 cm


    Although the two first picks are both great, they are also quite expensive. To stir things up, we want to share the Maxfind Max2 Pro - arguably the top-rated value electric skateboard under $500 that you can get on today's market.

    There are many pros we could highlight about the Max2 Pro but the key selling points is its sheer value for the money and the impressive amount of power Maxfind has been able to push into an extremely lightweight board.

    The Maxfind Max2 Pro has a top range of 15 miles on a single charge and thanks to a quick charger, it only takes around 2 hours to fully recharge the unit. The maximum speed depends on whether you get the single or dual-motor version. Single tops at 20 miles per hour while the dual hub motors version edges it at 24 mph. Apart from more speed, acceleration is also better on the 1200W dual edition.

    If you want something budget-friendly and lightweight but don't want to compromise too much in terms of safety, great performance and build quality, the Maxfind Max2 Pro is probably the best pick for you.







    Blitzart Huracane - The Lightweight Motorized Electric Skatebaord

    Top 10 best electric skateboard in 2022
    • Range and Speed - A max speed of up to 19 MPH and a range of 8-10 miles
    • Two speed modes to beginners and advanced riders. Hold function to assist getting on and off the board. Remote control is rechargeable.
    • Maple Wood + Bamboo Deck& Premium Grip Tape - The 7-ply maple wood deck sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo on the top and bottom of the board giving it more flexibility and sturdiness.
    • The deck is outfitted with grip tape and is concave to keep the rider's feet firmly in place and on the board. Supports up a max weight of 250 lb.
    • 350W Brushless Hub Motor - Hub motors are more reliable and less problematic.




    Coming in 8th place we have the Blitzart Huracane motorized skateboard. Once again, we're dealing with a lightweight product - it only weighs 13 lbs.

    It has a 350-watt hub motor with regenerative braking with reliably lets you reach speeds of up to 16 MPH. The 4.0Ah 36V Lithium-ion battery pack enables you to travel 8 miles on a full charge which isn't overwhelming but decent considering the price point.

    7 layers of maple and 2 layers of bamboo make up the flexible 38 x 9-inch deck. It feels great to ride and it is responsive enough for you to really feel the road. On top of the deck, you have a high-quality grip tape that ensures stability and safety, making it easy to ride.

    Several reviews contest that there has been a quality drop in terms of the wheels, so you may have to have a backup pair ready if you do go for the Huracane.








    Backfire Zealot S Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

    Top 10 best electric skateboard in 2022
    • Range: 30-40km / 19-24miles (80kg rider S mode 30km/h speed flat road)
    • Speed: 48KM/h / 30MPH
    • Battery: 50.4V 346Wh, Changhong Sunpower Cells (Equivalent to 42V 9.6Ah)
    • Motors: 2 x 875w High Torque Motors, again supplied by Hobbywing, with incredible power whilst accelerating and climbings
    • Deck: Flexible Maple with Glass Fiber and ABS
    • Wheels: 96mm Replaceable
    • Trucks: 8 Inch Forged CNC Trucks
    • Lights: LED Ambient Light
    • System: 12S High Voltage and High Efficiency Electronic System with 21700 Battery Cells 



    When I first rode my buddies Boosted Board ‘Stealth’ a few years back, I thought…this board is amazing and rides like a dream.

    I have comfortably ridden 16 miles in SPORT mode, with plenty of battery to go. I am 190 lbs and the weather was very warm here in Florida when I did that ride. Backfire claims that this board could reach up to 22 miles on SPORT mode, and that is no exaggeration like I have seen on some other manufactures’ websites. I have read on some Facebook groups that lighter riders are getting near 30 miles on Eco mode!
    I have personally hit 29 MPH on this board. but being in the 30’s I find no need to hit that speed on the regular. I have only hit this speed once, and have found no need to hit it again. But, if speed is your thing and you have amazing smooth roads at your disposal and are padded up, this board should definitely be able to hit over 30 MPH depending on your weight..

    As I stated in above segment about overall build quality, the battery is a bit large for my liking. The built-in LED’s are a cool touch, but they are not functional when riding other than increasing visibility. The two tabs that enclose the USB and charging port seem to be cheap rubber that are hard to keep closed. The profile of the battery is a bit large, making it easy to scrape if the board were to flex and you go over a big speed bump or something. Granted, this is going to happen and the board will get scratched over time. I think it would be cool to see a Backfire LOGO on the enclosure as well, VS BACKFIRE in plain text too. The build quality is good, but I think they can work on the aesthetics of the battery enclosure.






    SWAGSkate NG2 - Electric Skateboard With AI Remote

    Top 10 best electric skateboard in 2022
    • The need for Speed — one of the fastest electric longboards on the market,
    • The Ng2 cruises up to 18 mph and can easily conquer 15° INCLINES with a powerful pair of brushless Rear 450-watt motors.
    • Full-featured remote control — although designed to be hands-free, this motorized longboard also comes with a remote that can control every aspect of the ride, from accelerating to switching speed modes.
    • Smart sensors let you control the NG2 like a traditional skateboard, by shifting your weight on the deck.
    • Cruise up to 18 mph and easily ride over 15° inclines with a powerful pair of brushless rear motors.



    Next up we have the SWAGSkate NG2 from Swagtron. The NG2 is a colorful and vibrant 900-watt electric skateboard with a top speed of 18 MPH - and it's budget-friendly!

    In terms of motor power, this one is probably the best bang for your buck. The NG2 weighs only 20 lbs and charges in just around 2 hours, which is blazing fast compared to some of the others on this list.

    A full charge gives you around 11 miles of range and its 90x52mm polyurethane (PU) hard rubber wheels seem to give a strong grip on any flat surface.

    You've got two riding modes at hand - a low-speed setting maxing out a 9.9 mph and a high-speed mode unlocking the full 18 mph maximum speed.

    The deck itself is a combination of 6 layers of premium maple wood and 2 layers of bamboo which makes it sturdy yet flexible. This is a top-class e-skateboard for those looking for a little more power without spending too much.






    Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard - The Popular Electric Skateboard

    Top 10 best electric skateboard in 2022
    • Teamgee H5 equipped with 760W dual hub motors, offering a top speed of 20MPH and 11 miles range
    • adapt top quality 90*54mm PU wheels, offering the smooth-riding experience and firm enough to provide the grip riders.
    • 10 ply Canadian maple material for the board, with another 1 ply fiberglass deck ensuring riders a super stable condition at higher speeds.Board weight 14Lbs and the max load is 220Lbs.
    • 4-speed modes and 4 brake modes to meet your different riding needs.
    • Warranty-30-day returns guarantee and perfect after-sales service



    Next up is the 37" Teamgee H5 electric skateboard. With an ultra-thin deck and lightweight parts, this e-skateboard only weighs 14.5 pounds while maintaining a weight limit of 200 pounds.

    Dual hub motors at 380W power this electric skateboard, giving it a top speed of 22 MPH. The Lithium-ion battery takes you up to 11 miles on a full charge and using the Seahorse remote control, you can switch between two riding speed modes.

    The deck is only 3.1 inches above the ground, giving you a low center of gravity. This will result in a very comfortable ride and you'll feel in complete control even at high speeds.

    The deck is only 0.47 inches thick but 10 ultra-thin layers of Canadian ply maple along with 1 layer of ply fiberglass ensure that strength is maintained throughout the deck.

    If you truly care about weight and want to maintain solid power, this is probably the best option for you.




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