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Top 3 Best Cheap Electric Skateboard in 2022 eboard list

by May Chen on Mar 25, 2022

Top 3 Best Cheap Electric Skateboard in 2022 eboard list

We reviewed and compared the top 3 best cheap electric skateboards in 2022. About the performance and price, please feel free to discover our top picks of e-skateboards below $550 along with a buying guide below. And I also applied a skateboard discount for you, here is the link:, here is the electric skateboard promo code: B15EEDDY.






Top speed

Hub motor


Possway T3 electric skateboard


17-20 miles

32 mph


105mm shock-absorbing wheels

Skatebolt Tornado II


24 miles

26 mph


90mm PU wheels

Maxfind Max2 Pro


15 miles

24 mph


90mm PU wheels



electric skateboard

Possway T3 electric skateboard

Price: $499 (20 coupons may be founded on the official website)

This is the best of all the electric skateboards in the 2022 e board list, and this is the best electric skateboard under $500. its design is really good work, the deck gives much comfortable to human feet, with its high costs of 105mm shock-absorbing wheels, the skateboard’s company really didn’t make any profit in it, and with its shock-absorbing wheels, the skateboard played its best performance, conquered all the dirt road and the gravel road, let alone the even road. And it is another best merit that I like is its super range, I am 135lbs weight, waxing out at 23 mph on an even road, it made out more than just 20 miles it advertised on their website, this really impressed me, Possway T3 electric skateboard running for a busy and far distance errands is not in the question at all! And the best I must tell you is that it supports a swappable battery if your destination is too far, never need to worry about it!

Really recommend from my heart deeply guys, you won’t regret to have it, and I did apply the discount from Possway official website, electric skateboard promo code: B15EEDDY for you! Here is the link:, skating free after ordering it!




electric skateboard

Skatebolt Tornado II electric skateboard


This is one of the mild electric skateboards under $500, much suitable for the slim rider, it paired with 90mm PU wheels, with its 250W*2 hub motors it could reach 26 mph, and it supports 24 miles range, its totally unbelievable I think, but on the other hand, it is might be friendly for the beginner who is less weight, a less weight rider may make it reaches 24 miles on a slower speed, but if you are much heavier,  it might not suit for you, with its 250W hub motor, it may not moving forward I am afraid, friendly to the lighter rider, but be the opposite to the stronger one.




electric skateboard

Maxfind Max2 Pro electric skateboard


This is the higher level mild electric skateboard under $500, 300W*2 hub motors support a top speed of 24 mph, the total range goes for 15 miles, more suit for short distance commute. If you go too fast on the road, the range may not reach 15 miles.


Of all three electric skateboards, which one do you pick today? Possway T3 electric skateboard!



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