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What do people think before they buy electric skateboard

by Sarah Wu on Feb 18, 2022

What do people think before they buy an electric skateboard

Is there anything you need to know before your make your electric skateboard order? What do other people think about before making their order? Is there anything point I could refer to? Here are the comments that show you what are the practical things you could take a reference on. 




Replaceable battery

So I've been looking into getting an all terrain electric longboard since I do a lot of all terrain riding on unpowered boards. I've never had an electric longboard before, so I don't know too much about them yet. I've been looking into the Possway all terrain and I wanted to know if the battery is replaceable, or if you even need to replace the battery considering its large capacity of it. Also, any other recommendations for an electric all terrain board or electric mountain board in the $300-$1500 price range?



electric skateboard




Durable electric skateboard

Is it less durable? I don't want to order it and have it spread after an hour of riding. Thanks to anyone that can help me out!



Tax laws and shipping fees

Hey, so I've been thinking of getting the T3 board from Possway, but since I live in Canada, all the new tax laws, and shipping prices make it really hard. Do you have any suggestions for boards similar to the T3 electric skateboard that would be shipped from an EU warehouse? Thanks in advance!


 electric skateboard




Range is important

1.30+ mph — 15+ miles range preferred, can be 20-30mph if necessary for budget,

 2: sidewalk/street — no elevation, if any 20%, straight away path is primarily going to be used

3: around $1,000 USD

4: don’t care about any special features besides maybe a swappable battery, doesn’t concern me though.




All terrain electric skateboard

My dad has been nagging me to help him get an electric all terrain longboard. I have no idea which one is the best, my friends suggested the Possway skateboard.

I don't know anything about building a skateboard, and my personal life is already too chaotic to start building one anyways. My dad is also too much of a boomer to do it himself but has been nagging me to get him one, so I was wondering if anyone here might have an all-terrain electric skateboard already, please tell me how's the performance (longboard pls).

Max's budget is under $2000, Possway all-terrain electric skateboard I also can accept, but I don't know if my dad takes it.

He's around 220lbs, I know that weight is a major factor for these things. Also hoping for something that has long range and won't die on him before he's had a chance to hit a 20 mile roundtrip trip lol. Speed doesn't matter but we're looking for all-terrain.


electric skateboard




That are a few aspects that people would undergo thinking before their order, Is that helps you?

Any problems, welcome to contact us and feel free to email service@possway.com.

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