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Which is the right electric skateboard for you?

by Sarah Wu on Dec 16, 2021

Which is the right electric skateboard for you?

Nowadays, a company wants to sell their products, there are as many platforms for people to choose from as they can imagine, of course for the company it is some kind of difficult to make a choice, but on the other hand, it also is a problem for people to find the right product.


In order to have our customers find us easily, Possway built our own websites, did our best to help our customers, and offer good services for our customers.


Go back to our topic, Which is the right electric skateboard for you?




4 factors for you to consider

To pick a suitable electric skateboard for yourself, there are 4 important aspects for you to consider:





As an electric product, the most important component is the battery, if the battery works well, the life of the electric skateboard would last much longer, so how to know if the electric skateboard has a better battery?


electric skateboard


Take our V4 as an example, We use a 7S2P 18650 29.4V lithium 4Ah battery for the V4 electric skateboard, providing the hub motor wheels with higher-level power, making the wheels run easy on the road.

But V4 is an entry-level skateboard, to protect our customer's safety, we constraints the maximum velocity to 15 miles per hour, new eskaters are not allowed to skate too fast in our concept, after you step on one stage, that time you can go ahead with the fast speed.




Speed mode

For beginner players, an electric skateboard at least has different speed modes type for them to adapt to the velocity of the electric skateboard, the pinpoint is the starting speed can not be too fast.


electric skateboard


V4 electric skateboard has a very safe starting speed, the fast speed in a low-speed mode is as low as 6 miles per hour which is very friendly for electric skateboard beginners, even for skate beginners as well, four wheels makes the board stable, slow speed makes you feel safe.



Wheel options

V4 is an entry-level electric skateboard, its tires are integrated with its hub motor wheels, which can not be modified to cloud wheels, also with its original setting, the electric skateboard will get its best performance.


electric skateboard


Our coming new skateboard, which is an upgraded version based on T2, will be compatible with cloud wheels, of course, it is a middle-level electric skateboard with faster speed, more powerful battery, this version would meet your long-range riding requirement.



Other personal demands

Of course, different people have different personal demands, if you have your own demands, and want to make sure if the board meets yours, you can consult our service email ahead of time, our address is service@possway.com, welcome to contact us anytime, we would like to help you.


On the whole, V4 electric skateboards meet most of the people’s demands, Got the most positive features from our customers, that’s sure a good skateboard for sure!

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