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How to choose the electric skateboard under $400?

by theresa Wen on Jun 20, 2022

How to choose the electric skateboard under $400? You may lose yourself in choosing an electric skateboard among all brands with the different types of board length, wheels, motors, batteries, ESCs, and other specs, ranging from $80 to $1,600. I understand exactly how you feel. Remember the following when shopping for it.

Weight capacity, range, and speeds 

Those are quite basic elements you need to know about an electric skateboard. Any of them will affect the performance. A skateboard that can hold a lot of weight, has to have a good and tough deck, trucks, and wheels. Powerful motor and battery offer eskateboard ability to go farther and ride at higher speeds.

Materials used 

The deck must be made from a durable material (wood or hard plastic); the trucks must be made from strong alloy; wheels must be from PU or urethane material. If you want your electric skateboard to stay good after long use. Choose a board with high-quality of each parts.


The e-board should have complete accessories so you can use it in the needed time. Whole accessories should include wireless remote control, T-tool, adapter, charging cable, USB cable, and a user manual. Some are to get to know the eboard. Some are to fix the board when it got something wrong.


There is the uncountable option for you to choose an electric skateboard, come along with it are all rang of price. You definitely want an affordable price with a decent eboard. You can get it for $400.

Possway electric skateboard V4 PRO

General Specifications

How to choose the electric skateboard under $400?
The first one on my list of recommendations is the Possway electric skateboard V4 PRO. This skateboard is our best option for those who are looking for a professional and high-quality product that won’t waste our money at all.

It has a range of up to 13km / 8miles, which means you can ride it somewhere near, like a supermarket, office, coffee&book store conveniently. It has a three-speed mode---S (slow), M(medium), and H(High). Low mode is very suitable for entry-level beginners which offers you comfortable feelings. The motor power is 400W*2 and the top speed is 23mph which basically meets your demand for practicing skateboarding and commuting. It’s great for beginners because it allows them to gradually get up the speed as they progress, and also for more advanced riders who want a little bit of a challenge.

How to choose the electric skateboard
It is made from durable 7 layers of maple and bamboo deck. It’s strong enough to withstand all of the bumps and bruises, but it also is flexible! V4 PRO electric skateboard gets a remote with an OLED display screen. You can tell the speed of the riding moment and other information about eskateboard easily and adjust the way you ride the board. It takes 2.5 hours to charge the electric skateboard. It is quite fast and safe compared to others.

Overall, It is a decent and nice electric skateboard for all kinds of people, no matter entry-level beginners or advanced riders.

URBANPRO Electric Skateboard

General Specifications

How to choose the electric skateboard under $400?

The second eboard I would like to recommend to you  URBANPRO Electric Skateboard. It also proves to be quite amazing due to its advanced features and remarkable design.

It possesses an 11-layered maple design which gives you the best performance possible for a long time. It is also equipped with high-class bearings, trucks, and an anti-rust belt that allows it to be durable and last longer than other models out there.

How to choose the electric skateboard
It comes with a 400W motor power that can take you to a maximum speed of 18 to 20 miles per hour. It gives a long range. It offers up to 10 miles. It is also enough for your daily commute. The triple speed adjustment capabilities make it a great choice for beginners as well.


Possway electric skateboard V4 PRO and URBANPRO Electric Skateboard are good options if you want to have an excellent electric skateboard for under $400. Hope my suggestion is helpful to you. Remember no matter what your target price is, always take those elements into consideration.  Here is more choice for you.

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