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by Dreamer Wong on Aug 23, 2022

Whether in parks, squares or on the road, young people who play skateboards always attract a lot of attention.With the new development of skateboarding, the use of electric skateboards has also increased, and an electric skateboard with a remote control has become a new lifestyle.

How do electric skateboard remotes work?

Electric skateboard remotes work by sending a signal to the board's motor, which then activates the motor. The remote uses a wireless radio signal to communicate with the board, and most boards come with a variety of different speed settings that can be controlled with the get a better and smooth riding experience while avoiding pushing the skateboard on every ride. This is how learning and riding on a skateboard becomes a fun learning experience.

What are the different types of electric skateboard remotes

The most basic type of remote is a simple hand-held device with a trigger that controls the throttle. More advanced remotes may also have buttons for braking and reversing, as well as a LCD display that shows your speed and battery life.

Some even come with GPS tracking so you can keep an eye on your board's location. No matter what type of remote you choose, make sure it's compatible with your board before making a purchase.

Can you replace an electric skateboard remote?

If you're wondering whether you can replace an electric skateboard remote, the answer is yes! In fact, it's quite easy to do.

There are a few things to keep in mind when replacing your electric skateboard remote, however. First, make sure that the new remote is compatible with your skateboard. Second, be sure to follow the instructions carefully so that you don't damage anything.

And finally, make sure to test the new remote before you ride!

With those precautions in mind, replacing an electric skateboard remote is a simple process. Just follow these steps:

1. Remove the old remote from your skateboard. This will usually involve unscrewing a few screws.

2. Attach the new remote to your skateboard. Make sure that it is securely in place.

3. Test the new remote to make sure that it works properly.

Top 5 Best Remote Control Electric Skateboard Profiles

1.Possway V4 Pro Remote Controller

Possway V4 Pro Remote Controller

The Possway V4 Pro Remote Controller is one of the easiest to pair remotes you’ll want to have.This product also comes with clearly visible function buttons that are. So, it’s user-friendly and an ideal choice for users who have no experience riding electric skateboards.


I love this remote because it has long-lasting battery life. If you charge this device for around two hours, you get to use it for a maximum of eight hours. That’s enough time for you to go sailing anywhere you want. Plus, it comes with a charging cable, so you won’t have to find one at the stores.


Aside from its easy-to-identify control buttons, this product is convenient to wouldn’t mind keeping the device in your hand during your entire ride. It also has an ergonomic design that makes it handier.


2. HGLTECH Flipsky VX2 Remote Controller Pro

HGLTECH Flipsky VX2 Remote Controller Pro

Featuring a wireless colored screen, the HGLTECH Flipsky VX2 Remote Controller Pro lets you know several things about your trail. This product comes with a 0.95OLED display that shows real-time data reading about your speed mode, speed, mileage, and other pertinent information.


I like the material composition of this remote because it gives me a comfortable grip on it. It has a combination of ABS plastic and rubber spray paint cured under high temperature. Not only does it feel satisfying to use, but it also keeps your hands dry with an anti-hand sweat formula.


The current version of this remote now allows you to set the variables of your skateboard. You can also set the steering, speed modes, and cruise control of your skateboard wirelessly through this remote. That way, you can take control of the skateboard’s complete functionality.


3.Vikye Mini Remote Controller

Vikye Mini Remote Controller

Most remote controllers come in handy designs. But not all brands come with a lanyard like the Vikye Mini Remote Controller. This product features a knob-like style that’s compact and is fit for your hands. On one end is a lanyard which makes it safe and easy for you to bring.


Not only does this remote look sleek and handy, but it’s also of high-quality materials. It has a professional level of manufacturing that makes it a practical and durable controller. I think part of this remote’s steady performance and reliability is also attributable to its material composition.


I have tried many remote control brands before, but the linking speed of this product is fantastic. Some of my ESCs won’t even connect on my first attempt. When I used Vikye, linking did not even take a minute. It’s fast, and signals remain stable because of a 2.4GHz multi-point frequency hopping technology.


4.VANPRO Skateboard Mini Remote Control

VANPRO Skateboard Mini Remote Control

Love your daily rides with the VANPRO Electric Skateboard Mini Wireless Remote Control. This high-speed controller comes with a 2.4GHz bandwidth enough to support your skateboard’s functions. It connects quickly, and it’s a reliable device for frequent use as well.


The build of this device looks better than my old remotes. It’s got a finger-hole provision to keep my hand anchored to it. Plus, its leather-like finish makes it easier for me to take a firm grip on it. It’s not only easy to hold, but I think it’s a stylish controller also.


The LED indicators present on the remote make it convenient for me to know the status of my batteries. That means I would know when to charge and when to unplug my chargers.


One more advantage of this product is its ability to receive signals even from an 80-meter distance. That means you can conduct tests on your skateboard’s reflexes and other functionalities without having to ride it.


5. LEKU Skateboard Remote

LEKU Skateboard Remote

Made with high-quality electronic components, the LEKU Skateboard Remote makes sure you get a fantastic performance every ride.


This skateboard remote controller features an innovative chip that keeps your skateboard and its parts stable. These, along with the remote’s single-drive design, make it possible for any owner to achieve quality trails.


I find this brand reliable and safe as well. This remote comes with protection against voltage fluctuations, overheating, and current inconsistencies. It supports speed control features, allowing you to manipulate and adjust your speed in real-time.


These signals may not be prominent in devices like this, but I’m happy this brand offers an EMP control module in this remote. Electromagnetic Pulses can be dangerous and can cause damage to not only the user but even those near an EMP-damaged device.


The mainboard’s structure, though without a casing, looks solid. It’s way different from my old remote receiver kits, whose control boards were a bit flimsy. I think this solid panel is vital in the length of service life of this product.


On top of these, I never had a hard time configuring things because this controller brand is easy to use. It has easy-to-identify LEDs at the handle, and the remote feels comfortable to hold as well.




The best rides come with the best equipment. Every detail of your electric skateboard should work perfectly with each other. No matter the speed and the power you need, it’s always important to give yourself access to calibrating these aspects.


With the best electric skateboard controller, not only will you make your longboards work, but you also get the chance to do it with style. Remember the tips I have shared with you to get the best value for your investment.

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