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Electric skateboard Christmas sale

by Sarah Wu on Dec 13, 2021

Once a year! Electric skateboard Christmas sale!

Two weeks from now, it will be Christmas, what do you prepare for your family and what do you prepare for your friends?

Possway Have prepared big discounts this Christmas just for you!





Electric skateboard V4 - up to 33% off

electric skateboard

If you are our fans,  you may know that our V4 electric skateboard is $499 at the previous price,

now you can take it at $299 only, go to but it together part, you could get an extra grip tape together for free!

normally we don’t give gifts except on holiday promotion, so if you see a promotion on our website, you’d better not miss it. This time, it’s a discount of up to 33%.




No extra fees!

The price we acquired is all the money we charged, we won't charge an extra fee to our customer!







Free grip tape only for now



electric skateboard grip tape


If you got a free grip tape, it will be delivered in a different package, please be aware of it~ 









What's in the electric skateboard Package?


electric skateboard


To take care of our new customers, Possway team will introduce the V4 electric skateboard in detail, Possway V4 is an electric skateboard longboard, which is a wireless, remote-controlled, automated electric skateboard.

In its package, will include an electric skateboard, charger for skateboard, remote, charger for remote, T tool, manual.

T tool is for installing the wheels, please kindly keep it at home.








What can i use this electric skateboard for?


electric skateboard


For commute as a vehicle, absolutely you can use this V4 electric skateboard, its automated electric drove, which could save your time and energy.

 for one charge it can skate 10 miles/16km, which definitely meets your daily commute demands.






What can I use this electric skateboard for?


electric skateboard

For having fun, gather three or four friends, and find a broad place, or even street, let have a skateboard competition, who lose who pay for the dinner!






What can I use this electric skateboard for?

electric skateboard


For a hobby, maybe you are a senior skater, Normal skateboard maybe can’t give you the best fast speed you want, you expected, this board can both be a normal skateboard and an electric skateboard to you. Turn it off, it is the same as the normal skateboard, turn it on, It’s velocity would satisfy your pursuits to trilling.





Only 15 left in stock!

After Black Friday Promotion, we Only got 15 electric skateboards left in stock.

By the way, the free grip tape will be finished soon.

Let’s go shopping now!

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