Possway electric skateboard lights up my life
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Possway electric skateboard lights up my life

by May Chen on Dec 05, 2022

Human beings would undergo a lot of life experiences in their life, sometimes it would be very nice, and sometimes it would very suck, no matter what happens, people always seek silver lighting in life, people live in faith, and people live in religion, people live in passion. If you don’t have one, you need to find one.


Possway electric skateboard lights up my life



The car accident which took my legs away

A few years ago, I was involved in a car accident by a mistake. I lost my two legs at that time. During that time, the daytime is no longer bright, the sunshine is no longer warm, and all I feel in my life is darkness, a life of endless darkness. My whole body was like diving into a frustrating sea, I can breathe, I can not yell for help, and there are not many things that I can do with my broken legs. There’s no hope.

In my friend's eyes, I used to be friendly and outgoing, but after the accident, I changed all of a sudden, and they don’t know how to help. They tried all the ways to help me out, but all is useless.


There is one person who called Eddie, he gave me an electric skateboard from POSSWAY, he said this would bring changes to me.

Yes, it does. Possway electric skateboard lights up my life.


I was very attracted by this electric skateboard from then, the traditional board was very flexible, and not that easy to control, especially not friendly to me, but the electric skateboard offers me great control ability with its hand-controlled remote.


After half a month of practice, I finally managed to step my body onto the boards and skate. I’ve experienced a lot of fun with the electric skateboard. Just the time, I’ve found the passion of my life.



How I learned electric skateboard



How I learned electric skateboard

about the balance, for I have the hand-controlled remote in my hand, and I can have it set stable by brake the remote. After I get used to it and balanced well, I can go up forward a little bit, that is really quite an experience. It feels like the bird's first time learning to fly, it feels like a kitten's first time opening its eyes, I felt passion, I felt the faith of life. I felt the speed of electric skateboard. Until now, I have skated for about 12 months, the fast speed of mine can reach 28 mph sometimes.



How I learned electric skateboard



Electric skateboard as my commutation tool

Ever since the time I got hooked on the electric skateboard, I ride on the boards every day.

I have my Prosthetic legs on, and I found a job with my board, and now, I have the T3 boards with me and commute every day except the rainy days, electric skateboards should not be exposed under rainy days or waters puddles.

Ever since I used the electric skateboard, it saves me the most time, and then I can use my spare time to learn other skills, further promoting the quality of my life.




Live in Passion, Find your passion

The blows of life mostly come all of a sudden, it might change you greatly,  but remember, do not lose hope, do not lose faith. Find your faith, find your goals, and find your passion. If you still haven’t got one, keep looking!

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