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Why Isn’t Your Electric Skateboard Reaching Its Claimed Range?

by Charlie Mu on Dec 08, 2022

When it comes to electric skateboards, many people choose range over everything else. It would be really upsetting if you expected the electric skateboard to reach a particular range, but it failed to. Why isn't your electric skateboard reaching its claimed range? Are some parts of the skateboard defective? What could be the possible causes?


Why Isn’t Your Electric Skateboard Reaching Its Claimed Range?

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In most cases, the range of your electric skateboard will be slightly different from the range stated on the brand's website. This is not to say that these brands are making false claims. Because the range of an electric skateboard can be affected by various factors, the conditions under which these eboard brands test the range of their electric skateboards may differ from yours, resulting in a varied range of the electric skateboard. 


What Could Be the Possible Reasons for This?

The range of an electric skateboard is mainly determined by its battery capacity. The bigger the battery size, the further the electric skateboard can go. If the range of a new electric skateboard is significantly less than its claimed range, it might be that the battery of this electric skateboard is not fully activated. A new skateboard needs to undergo three charge cycles to reach the best activity of the battery. If, after three charge cycles, the range of a new electric skateboard is still much less than its ideal range, the battery could be defective. If the range of a new electric skateboard suddenly decreases after only a few rides, the battery could also be defective. In these cases, it's best to get in touch with us to examine the issue further.

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If you've been using your electric skateboard for a long and the range suddenly drops, it might be due to increasing resistance in the drivetrain, which will require more power to propel the board. In this case, you can examine the drive belts to determine whether they are too tight or too loose. This might be because your electric skateboard's battery is aging, which is common with electric skateboards that have been in use for a long time. Under usual conditions, the battery's capacity will drop to 80% after 300 charge cycles, decreasing the range of an electric skateboard. Please take care of your battery on a regular basis, and avoid over-discharging it since this causes the battery to decay more quickly, accelerating the battery aging process.


What Other Factors Affect the Range of an Electric Skateboard?

Except for the battery, the range of an electric skateboard also depends on factors such as the rider's weight, terrain, weather conditions, riding habit, speed, wheels, and so on. An electric skateboard will undoubtedly travel further on a smooth and flat surface than on a rough and steep one. Riding on a sunny day will allow you to travel farther and faster than riding in the wind.


How to Increase the Range of Your Electric Skateboard?

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Preparing extra batteries is the simplest method to extend the range of your electric skateboard. Most Possway electric skateboards include a replaceable battery, allowing you to swap out the battery on the road. Having fewer motors can help boost range since the board will move slower, causing the battery to burn more slowly.


More Questions?

If you want to get in touch with us to further discuss issues regarding the range of an electric skateboard, please send us (service@possway.com) a video following the instructions below:  

  1. Show us the skateboard is fully charged
  2. Ride the skateboard when it's fully charged and ride it until it runs out of power. Show us the range and time of this ride shown on the recorder.

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