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Removable battery helps you double your electric skateboard's mileage

by May Chen on Mar 09, 2022

The Removable battery helps you double your electric skateboard's mileage


Which is the best electric skateboard for yourself, let me talk about it as a practitioner.

Some of the experience in building e-bikes and e-boards in the past few years is really something that I am saying with my conscience. The most important factors are the motor and battery.


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Removable battery

Generally, a conventional battery pack is a pack of 20 cells. The weight of a single cell is about 50g, and the total weight is more than 1kg. Every day you go out with a 1kg brick on your back, it would be a little tiring for girls. If you need long battery life, you should buy a product with long battery life. If you really can't, you can go directly to a motorcycle or an electric car. After all, a skateboard is still a short-distance transportation tool.


 electric skateboard


The mainstream of the tire market is two-wheel design, some three-wheel design (front three-wheel or rear three-wheel), two-wheel design is recommended, flexible, better cornering safety, cheap and reliable (the price of fewer wheels and suspension structure), Lightweight and compact. Three rounds I can't think of any benefit. Wheel diameters are 4.5, 6, 8, 10, 11.5 inches, and the common ones are 6, 8, and 10 inches. It is recommended to choose large wheel diameters, such as 8 inches and 10 inches, for high safety and good steering. Because the smaller the wheel, the easier it is to fall when turning. At the same time, there are 4 types of tires, solid tires, honeycomb solid tires, tube-type pneumatic tires, tubeless tires (tubeless pneumatic tires). It is not recommended to choose pneumatic tires for small wheel diameters, because it is too easy to blow out the tires. It is recommended to choose pneumatic tires for 8 inches and above.  It is not necessary to use additional mechanical shock absorbers through pneumatic tires. One point to pay attention to here is that pneumatic tires must choose tires. More than 40 wide, do not choose too narrow. And if the budget is allowed, it is recommended solid tires.


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As for the weight of the electric skateboard, it should not exceed 12kg for boys, and it is better for girls to be within 10kg. It is acceptable to climb 3 to 5 floors in this way and to get out of the subway. the feeling is different.



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