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Why is battery life so important for the electric skateboard

by Sarah Wu on Mar 09, 2022

Which is the best electric skateboard for yourself, let me talk about it as a practitioner.

Some of the experience in building e-bikes and e-boards in the past few years is really something that I am saying with my conscience. The most important factors are the motor and battery, wheels, and deck.


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Regarding the e-skateboard battery life

Regarding the e-skateboard battery life, there are two sides, software, and hardware, except the factors of the user and user environment and the temperature of the circumstances, there are Four key points that affect the battery life: battery capacity, motor power, motor control method, and tires.


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1)Skateboard with battery: The battery has the greatest impact on battery life. It is strongly recommended to buy an e-scooter or an e-skateboard with big capacity batteries. First, the battery conversion rate and energy density are both higher, which is the foundation of the cruising range, Second, the capacity volume could store more energy, the same time save your time.



2)skateboard with motor power: The power is not as big as possible, too wasteful, too small, and not enough. At the same time, the power selection of the hub motor is also related to the board wheel diameter, speed, and torque. Taking an e-board with an 8-inch wheel diameter as an example, the motor power can be in the range of 250W~350W, and each motor has an optimal power range, which is related to the output curve of the motor. Generally, the output power of cruising speed is in this optimal range.


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3)Inside, motor control mode: There are currently two control modes, square wave control, and sine wave control, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I like comfortable control, linear acceleration, high cost, power saving at the start, and low sound motor control mode.



Square wave control is simple and rude, cheap and stable, accelerating straight line, starting rush, and cruising to save power. Generally speaking, the square wave control system is not quite safe, so it is recommended to use the products controlled by the sine wave.


A good sine wave control electric skateboard product has higher requirements on the technical ability of the esk8 enterprise and pays more attention to the user experience. The overall energy utilization efficiency is 5~7% higher than that of the square wave control.


How to distinguish between a sine wave and square wave control? The sine wave control is a slight rotation of the handle under no load. At this time, the motor starts softly and smoothly and continues to accelerate to the highest speed. Under the load, the start is soft and not rushed, and there is no abnormal noise, which is quiet and comfortable. When the handle is turned a little under the load, the motor will speed up a little. Under the load, there is a huge noise at the start, and the start is abrupt, which is not suitable for control.


4) Tires: If the friction of the driving wheel is large, and the friction of the driven wheel is small, the battery life will be high; otherwise, the battery life will be low.

At present, most of the battery life in the industry is falsely high, with a lot of language flatters, and a few are credible or close to the nominal value. However, the battery life is affected by personal riding habits and the environment, and the temperature, and the data measured by each person is almost different.


Removable battery:    
Removable battery helps you double your electric skateboard's mileage


About the motor and speed:

The main important factors that affect an electric skateboard -motor and speed


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