What is the best Electric skateboard in 2022 around the world? POSSWAY
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What is the best Electric skateboard in 2022 around the world?

by Sarah Wu on Feb 18, 2022

What is the best electric skateboard in 2022 around the world?

Happy new year to you all, As an electric skateboarder Senior, This question for me is very strategic, but to be honest, My suggestion is when you compare Possway electric skateboard with other types of Electric Skate Boards, “Possway.com” will be the best site for skateboards.


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Big surprise, the best electric skateboards being made right now are from Possway, and the best one Possway makes is the newest version of the same longboard they’ve been making for the last few years. It’s called the Possway T3, and it ticks almost every box on the list.
The T3 has an advertised 17 to 20 miles range, which is closer to in real world use, depending on how and where you ride. That’s still plenty to cover most trips without charging, though. On previous, other types of electric skateboards, the five to seven-mile range always caused me anxiety, but on this board, I almost never worried whether I was going to run out of charge in the middle of a ride. I’ve even just been able to ride it to work and back, a 12-mile round trip.

Possway’s boards are also super durable. The longboards can handle hundreds, even thousands of miles with lots of love and care. What’s more, like its predecessors, T3 is ultra flexible to the point so that you can jump on it and it won’t break thanks to its composite deck. You can ride it through puddles, too.
It’s also fast. It has a top speed of about 32 miles per hour, which is frankly as fast as I ever want to go on a skateboard. It also has the best, and smoothest, stopping power of any electric skateboard on the market, which is a huge deal when you’re traveling at those speeds.


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I find Possway’s longboards to be the easiest to ride. Part of that comes from the fact that they have four different ride modes, so you can start off slow if you’re still learning. But a big part of it comes from the remote, which is the best one by far. It uses a vibration absorbed wheels to accelerate and to brake, with just the right mix of tension and play. This makes it really easy to control your speed and stop without these movements being too sudden. The T3’s wheels are the widest ones T3 has ever used, and they grip the road really well, which makes for a steady ride.
The T3 electric skateboard’s size makes it easy and fun to ride, which is very drawn for senior skaters. Powered by electricity, paired with an electric skateboard charger, made the riding experience wonderful.


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What do you think is the best electric skateboard for the year of 2022?

So what is the best electric skateboard for the year of 2022? I think absolutely is Possway T3, feel free to contact with us and share your thoughts with us~

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