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5 Marked feature for you to choose T3 electric skateboard

by Sarah Wu on Jan 22, 2022

5 Marked feature for you to choose T3 electric skateboard


Hello, everyone, This is Possway Sarah again, today we are going to analyze Possway T3’s special feature, why it attracted most of the attention of the electric skateboard market.



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As you know, on 18th, January 2022, Possway’s website released their new T3 electric skateboard in Silence, they did not advertise it too much, but from the information they published on the website, I can tell this is a fantastic eskates.

So after Possway released their 2022 new skateboard T3 for maybe half a day, Sarah contact Possway’s CEO for the very first time, in order to collect the most information of Possway T3, what’s the biggest attractive point for skateboard riders, here I’ll share with you.



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Long Range & Unlimited Riding

According to the CEO of Possway, T3 adapt integrated module battery pack,7800mAh, 280.8wh, 10S3P 18650 lithium battery, which could sufficiently provide power for the hub motor, one single charge could go 28 to 32 km range, apart from the super range, the most important feature is that the battery is quickly dismantled and assembled, the process of the disassembly is easy, fast, and safe, even for a little girl could fix it within 10 minutes. with a spare battery pack, you can have unlimited riding and go anywhere.



105mm shock-absorbing wheels & 56mm ground clearance

The wheels of T3 are featured with shock-absorbing, stable, the fastest speed reaches 32mph/52kph, in the inner industry, T3 ekate is considered the best eskate vehicle for the daily commute or pastime tool, with 56mm ground clearance, it could conquer most of the different terrain.



eletric skateboard



Unique concavity deck design

T3’s engineer has majored in Ergonomics and Mechanical Design, T3’s design aspirements is based all of his life time experiences, the deck has to fit the rider’s feet like the shoes have to fit the feet,

And the gravity has to be lower, that people won’t be in too much danger while skating at a high speed.

The truck is also designed a little wise, which is set to an angle that is easy to carve, free to swerve.




About the system control, T3 electric skateboard is also under long time research and optimization, PSET ESC 2.0 marked by precise control and smooth steerage, during the acceleration and deceleration, the system follows liner process, in full measure to protect the rider's safety.


Supports DIY tires

T3’s other feature is that it supports switch tire to 90mm, meets your daily demands.


Final review

This Time Possway really made big progress at their product, apart from ungraded the T2, they still fund a lot of money on bringing the high price-efficient T3, we think Possway team is professional day by day.

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