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5 Tips to be a better Electric Skateboard Rider

by Sasa Wu on Feb 25, 2021

Electric skateboard attracts a lot of people who need excitement and pleasure to join, every newcomer will have many questions, such as whether the electric skateboard is too dangerous, the body is not coordinated can play the electric skateboard and so on. Possway wants to give you five tips about the electric skateboard, that belief will make you a better electric skateboard rider. Let's get started.

Tip number one

Use the force. But only one. What does that mean? There are three main forces that we as riders exert on our boards, throttle、brakingand turning. There is also a whole list of external forces that get put on our boards, things as rocks and debris in the road or rough roads or bumps or curbspedestrianscarsand all these other factors that force us to react a certain way. Ideally, you'd only have one of those forces being exerted on the board at one time.

For example, if you're riding fast, while you're brake at high speed, you risk falling, so you can get out the back end of your board if you need to brake. While you're riding fast, you can just the brake in a straight line. Then you'd only be exerting one force much safer.  Made a better rider is thinking about exerting only one force on the board at one time. 

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Tip number two

Get your weight in the right place. Where this applies is when you're accelerating from either stop position or after you've already started moving, you want to make sure that your weight is forward, not just leaning forward, but that you have most of your weight on your front foot that you can absorb that acceleration. Because if you accelerate hard and your weight is in the wrong place, you'll get tossed off the back of the board. Likewise, when you're braking, you want to make sure that your weight is on your shifted backward on your back foot. So that When you slam on the brakes, you can absorb that breaking and not fall off. If you are straight up or leaning forward, when your brakes hard, you will get tossed off the board.

There are more subtle situations when you're just out cruising along, and you are not necessarily paying attention or your weight. You go to accelerate or brake, and you don't shift your weight the right way. That is a very dangerous situation, that may toss you off the board, so make sure your weight is always in the right place. It's kind of like a dance with your board. And remember that you control when you accelerate, how much you accelerate, and when you brake, and how much you brake. So you want to coordinate all that with where your weight is. 

Tip number three  

Always be an active rider. What does this mean? For example,  when I've been riding for a long time, I feel very comfortable and get used to things,  So I'm not aware of some dangers. I'm on a board going 20 or 25 miles an hour, just kind of cruising along. And my legs are straight, and I look around, not necessarily noticing what is in front of me. So this is a dangerous situation,  though you need to always be aware of what is on the road immediately in front of you. During riding, if there are cars or pedestrians around you,  you will stay vigilant. But, when you start looking around the birds in the trees, rather than the rocks of the bumps that are coming up in front of you, that's really when you get yourself in trouble.

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Tip number four   

Control your brakes or they will control you. This is very important as well because you control when you need to hit the brakes. If I know I have to stop, I don't like to ride up there as fast as I can and then slam on the brakes as hard as I can.  I'll let off the throttle, cost down a little bit, and then brakes if I need to when I get there. That is a much better way of riding into a stop sign or area where you need to stop and then relying on your brakes to do everything for you. It's just a much safer situation. There will be times when you have to slam on your breaks because something unexpected happens. That's a dangerous point time. But if you can avoid all the situations that are avoidable and rely less on your brakes and more on coasting when possible and braking at low speed rather than slamming on the brakes uh after being at full throttle, that will be a much better situation.

Tip number five   

Protect yourself before you wreck yourself.  Wear protective gear,  you will be a much better rider, a  more confident rider.  If you don’t like a helmet, then customize a helmet or buy a customized helmet. Wearing long sleeves and long pants, such as jeans that will help you, can reduce chafing.  Wear riding gloves with pads in the palms, If you get thrown off the electric skateboard, you have to absorb impact on your palms first, and this pair of gloves can play a big role. Elbow pads, knee pads, and all these equipment when you ride will make you more confident because you don't have to worry about falling and getting injured while sliding.

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Skateboarding is a unique sport and requires a gradual process. You may see a person who is very good at skateboarding. You may wonder when you can reach his level. Everyone's talent is different, and the degree of effort is also different. We don't have to compare, otherwise, we will end up sadly. Progress is a good direction. We don't need to reach professional standards. Now, we just have to have fun and let our friends cheer for us.

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