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Safety Tips For Riding An Electric Skateboard

by E-skateboard Possway on Feb 25, 2021

Safety Tips For Riding An Electric Skateboard

Safety should be your number one priority when riding a skateboard regardless of its type. But, the electric skateboard can go much faster than the traditional ones, therefore, you have to be more cautious. Not just for yourself but for the sake of your family, friends and the people around you. 

How to ride an Electric Skateboard safely?

That starts with the basics like wearing a helmet and learning how to ride safely. But what else can you do in order to stay safe? Here are my top tips for riding your favorite electric longboard or skateboard:

 Wear A Helmet

electric skateboard helmet

Nearly all bicyclists who died (97%) were not wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet is absolutely essential. One bad fall or collision is all it takes for you to end up in the hospital or even worse, in the cemetery. Helmets are specifically designed to take a massive amount of shock to protect the skull in case of a fall. Brain damage is no joke and I highly suggest that if you wish to keep all your brain cells you avoid hitting your head. Wear a helmet.

Wear More Protective Gear

electric skateboard protective gear

Besides a helmet, I would always highly recommend you wear protective clothing like elbow and knee pads and a good set of gloves. Personally, I wear all of them when riding an ek8. Helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, and even a protective suit.

Choose Correct shoes

electric skateboard shoes

It’s pretty obvious that you shouldn’t wear flip-flops or sandals when riding on an electric skateboard. Shoes with a flat sole will give you better control of the board.

Inspect Your Board

inspect electric skateboard

This should be done before every ride: take a close look all over your board. Look for parts that need tightening (like trucks), are broken or cracked. Make sure the motor operates correctly by turning it on and doing a test ride.

Stay away from traffic as much as possible

riding electric skateboard

Electric skateboards are still fairly new. Some people may know what they are and can expect their speed, but the majority could under-estimate your speed and hit you. Therefore we should stay away from traffic as much as possible and ride at reasonable speeds. We also should try to practice our awareness and sensibility in critical traffic situations.

Watch The Weather

riding esk8

Even though many electric skateboards are water-resistant, it’s best to avoid getting wet if possible, especially in heavy rain situations. Avoid riding in bad weather, such as heavy fog, rain, and freeze, or it may cause an accident.

Pick A Safe Route

electric skateboarding route

Don’t go riding into a dangerous neighborhood, the highway, or a street that’s filled with potholes. Riding in places you are certain are safe will also ensure your safety.

I still highly encourage you to go explore you’ve never been before, that’s what riding an electric skateboard is all about. But if you know a place is not safe or has hazards, stay away and pick an alternate route. Anyway, pick a route before your ride is not a bad idea.

Ride At Your Own Ability

ride electric skateboard safely

Everyone has a different riding ability and you should only ever ride as fast as you feel comfortable. It will take time, but with practice, you will eventually be able to manage higher speeds without compromising your safety. But if you're a beginner, please start with the low speed on the electric skateboard remote.

Make sure you’re being seen

electric skateboard lights

If you ride at night we sure want to want to be seen by other traffic participants. To see the pavement properly and be seen by others you need to buy some decent lights and reflectors for night riding.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

electric skateboard riding tips

Do not being distracted. Pay attention to the obstacles, street, and traffic. Vehicles are perhaps the biggest danger to your safety. A collision with a car is almost a guaranteed trip to the hospital. There are so many idiots out on the road, but all you can control is you and how you ride. That’s why it’s important you take of yourself and pay attention to what’s happening around you.

Learn How To Fall

electric skateboard fall

By making yourself fall, you’re putting yourself into a position for falling correctly to minimize as much damage as possible. Try it on a carpeted/soft floor that will cushion you, or on a mattress. Even though you can’t 100% prepare for a fall, but it can be a good learning experience that will leave you with a little bit of knowledge that can help save you some injury.

If you’re riding an electric skateboard and you know you’re going to fall, follow these steps: Move your body - if your falling, try to adjust your body as much as possible so you can land on a fleshier part of your body. If possible land on your thighs, butt, or your side.

Sure it will hurt, but the impact will be spread over a larger part of your body, reducing the injury. Next, you must protect your head - the most important part of your body to protect is your head, stick your hand out if you know you’re about to fall on your face. I trust you are wearing a helmet, which will protect the rest.

Lastly, brace then roll - prepare for impact, but once you have made contact with the ground try to roll and flow out of the position you fell in to avoid a direct collision with the ground.



Being safe is a lifestyle and using these safety measures is a great way to reduce the risk of death and prolong your life, it ensures we enjoy as many things as possible on any given day.

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