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Best 3 electric skateboards under 500

by Sasa Wu on Apr 16, 2021

Judging by the huge growth in popularity of electric skateboards, it is no wonder that they are selling like crazy. The electric skateboard that competes with drones is one of the best-selling gifts, and kids all over the world will love this new toy.


Electric skateboards that are valued up to and around $500 fall in the mid-tier price segment, or close to it. In this price segment of under $500, you can find some very powerful electric skateboards that are made by more reputable manufacturers. But what does the extra couple hundred dollars that you spend get you, why should you spend the extra money?


On the other hand, you are still among people who haven’t decided which particular skateboard they want to purchase, then you’re in luck because you are in the right place. Below, we are going to list the best 3 electric skateboards under 500. All of them are currently available for purchase and are outstanding in all their respective aspects.


With this being said, let’s start the list off with the first model and that’s the Possway T2 Electric Skateboard!

Possway T2

The Possway T2 is Canadian maple and fiberglass making it very stiff. 

The battery is a 10S3P config running 18650 Lith-ion cells with 7.8Ah and 36V.

The ESC and Battery are housed in an all-metal enclosure which is great for heat dissipation, keeping your electronics at an optimal temperature to ensure you get the best performance possible.

possway t2 electric skateboard

The dual hub motors have a rated power of 480W each which isn’t huge, but as you’ve seen, is capable of generating enough power to achieve top speeds of over 40km/h and climb most hills with ease.

It has 90mm 85A wheels and 45° 7” trucks which are awesome. The turning circle you get on these surprised me. I was able to do complete circles in the middle of a fairly narrow suburban street.


Yuneec E-GO2

Yuneec E-GO2 is one of the cheapest models from Yuneec. The deck is made out of 8 layers of tough maple wood, giving the board a max load capacity of 220 lbs. The kicktail design of the board gives the rider increased control and better steering overall.

In a world where most electric skateboards are shifting towards in-wheel hub motors, E-GO2 has a powerful belt drive motor, capable of delivering up to 12.5 mph of top speed. True, it would be better if E-GO2 had a hub motor design, but the belt drive found in Yuneec E-GO2 seems to be of very high quality.

I don’t think there are going to be any issues caused by the belt drive. Max range of the board stands at a very impressive 18 miles. 

electric skateboard

It takes around 3-5 hours for the battery to fully charge. This is something that could be a bit better, especially since there are electric skateboards that are cheaper with quick charge functionality that charges the battery in 2-3 hours. Regenerative braking that’s included does help keep the battery alive for as long as possible, for that’s at least something.


Backfire G2

Although Backfire’s business is not mainly focussed on skateboards, this company was impressed with the release of their second offering in their line of budget electric skateboards. 

The G2 is quite portable at 15lbs and features an 8-ply maple deck measuring 37 inches long. This results in a flexible platform that facilitates your agility when twisting and turning. 

electric skateboard

For heavier riders, the flex might feel more than what is required. Fitted with huge 96mm wheels, the board shines on bumpy rides as the vibrations are greatly dampened.

Powerful motors propel this electric longboard to decent high speeds and the acceleration is robust enough to let you scale 20% gradients with relative ease. Thankfully, the ride is super-smooth to keep you on your twos the whole time. 

electric skateboard

If you are planning on buying one of the above analyzed electric skateboards for your little ones, we would like to capture your attention and discuss a very serious issue here. As some of you might already be aware, skating can be a dangerous sport and potentially lead to serious injuries. To avoid that, we warmly recommend you buy a safety set consisting of pads and a helmet.

 First of all, we would like to thank you for taking your time and carefully reading through the list. Second of all, we sincerely hope you found some valuable information within it.

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