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How to choose the electric skateboard under 500

by Sasa Wu on Apr 09, 2021

How to choose the  electric skateboard under 500 for you?That feeling of being completely confused about the different types of motors, board length, wheels, batteries, ESCs, and other specs. I know exactly what you’re going through. Remember the following when shopping for an electric skateboard.

Materials used 

The deck must be made from a durable material (wood or hard plastic), but despite its strength, it has to be versatile. The trucks must be made from strong alloy; wheels must be from PU or urethane material while the deck surface made from a very rough emery board-like cover. 

Possway T2

Design and style

There are many designs of an e-board, and thus, you need to choose the design that will suit your preferred activity. For cruising and commuting, a streamlined classic shape board is better, while electric boards made for light and easy rides may be smaller and lighter. 

Possway T2 electric skateboard


Battery and motor capacity 

The battery must hold more charge and should be ready or full in the least time. A powerful battery is needed to help the motor move over sharp inclines and to make the most of the motor speeds. 

The motor may be single or dual-speed and should be hub-type to reduce maintenance and for a quiet ride. 

Possway T2 electric skateboard


Weight capacity, range, and speeds 

For a skateboard to hold a lot of weight, it has to have a heavy and tough deck, trucks, and wheels. It should be able to go farther and achieve higher speeds with a powerful motor and battery. 



The e-board should have complete accessories so you can use it out of the box. Just the most common accessories included in an electric skateboard set are a wireless remote control, T-tool, adapter, charging cable, and USB cable. A user manual should also be included in the box. 



You can get a standard e-board for $350 and a better one for more than $400. But don’t just look at the price, check the specs and features to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.


Possway T2

Here are the preferred electric skateboard for under $500.It’s convenient, easy to use, and affordable. It has a light and solid body that’s made for cruising and commuting. Because of all its great features, this board will give you a safe and stable ride. 


Key Features

· The head and tail of the board are slightly inclined to improve rideability and make it easier to carve.

· 5 layers of Canadian maple and 2 layers of fiberglass

· A lower degree of curvature can enhance stability, while a narrower waist has greater flexibility, which can make riding more smooth.

· 3mm Shock-absorbing foam grip tape

· 90mm wheels take advantage of the new parabolic cutouts to give you more stability at speed.

· 85% ultra-high-rebound urethane provides the perfect balance between softness and durability.


Board Dimension 945mmx235mmx140mm
Board Material  5-layer Canadian maple and 2-layer fiberglass
Top Speed 26mph / 42kmph
Climbing Grade 30% grade
Range 21 miles / 34Km (80kg rider H mode 25km/h speed flat road)
Weight 17.5lbs / 8Kg
Max load 330lbs / 150kg
Ride Mode: 4-speed modes (L/M/H/H+)
· Gear L:0-12km/h (0-8mph)
· Gear M:0-20km/h (0-12mph)
· Gear H:0-42km/h (0-26mph)
· Gear H+:0-42km/h (Faster acceleration)
Wheels 90mmx52mm, 85 resilience,SHR82A
Max Power 1200W
Rated Power 480Wx2
Battery Capacity 280wh
Battery Type 10S3P 18650 Li-ion Battery,36V 7.8Ah
Grip Tape 3mm Shock Absorbing
Truck 45°,7inches
Waterproof Rating IP54 (Prevent against daily dust and splash)
Charging Time 1 hour for 5 miles, 4.5Hrs for 21 miles

Choosing an electric skateboard has never been this easy with all the choices available in the market. Having the idea of why you want one is the best start in finding the right choice for you. Even if you are a beginner, there is nothing to be afraid of. Possway T2 is the best buy when you want to have an electric skateboard that will last since you were a beginner until you become a pro.


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