Don't make a mistake when buying an Electric Skateboard
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Don't make a mistake when buying an Electric Skateboard

by theresa Wen on Dec 30, 2022

When I was a freshman in college, I decided to buy an electric skateboard. I didn't know much about eboard at that time. I bought an unknown brand during the Amazon Prime Day sale, which cost $289.

But after riding it for a month, I decided to give it up. My city has a lot of gravel roads, but the sleeves on this board are so thin that every time I ride it, my feet get numb.

I spent a day to watched a ton of  YouTube reviews and thinking about what kind of electric skateboard I wanted.


electric skateboard


The Purpose

If you decide to get any vehicle, whether it is a car, a boat, or anything else, you need to be clear on what purpose it will serve.


Do you want to go fast?

Do you want to go far?

Do you want to ride it off road?

Do you want to carve more or have a smooth journey?

Are you on a budget, or willing to spend more than $500?

Can I fix the board my self when it is broken?


This meant that I needed something that can endure the cracks in my city, a long battery life in case I get lost, and most importantly a fairly priced board with good customer support.


electric skateboard


Product factor

Understanding what you should pay attention to when getting a new electric skateboard is important.


Range and Top Speed

Drive system

Size of wheels

The ESC system of the eboard

Brand reputation


My decision

I hope my skateboard has larger wheels than standard PU wheels because if you ride on gravel roads for an extended period of time, your feet may become numb to the point of losing consciousness at any time. However, the larger wheels will be more comfortable on gravel roads.

I need to ride at least 8 miles per day, so I need a board with long battery life. I don't want to drag a heavy board to class if the battery is dead, it makes me look like a fool.


Finally, I choose Possway T3 electric skateboard.


Hub motors have a bad reputation for having low power in the past, but T3 is evidence that hub motors are no longer associated with poor power. The high top speed and decent range at a very low price make it an excellent value-for-money option for those looking to get into eskating.


Here's its postive.

  • Long range up to 17-20miles / 28-32km
  • Big battery-7800mAh, 280.8wh, 10S3P
  • Ergonomic deck design
  • 105mm s hock-absorbing wheels for a more comfortable ride
  • Easy to switch the 90mm wheels
  • It can charge fast with an 5A charger.
  • Affordable and durable construction


Moreover, Possway also has a good reputation on the Internet, and their service team is always happy to solve problems for their customers.

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Final thoughts

In short, before you decide to buy something, please be sure to think about what your purpose is, and don't forget to read other people's experiences on the Internet. Otherwise, you won't buy what you want and instead add a useless piece of junk to your crowded home.

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