Top 10 Tips for Maintain Your Electric Skateboard
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Top 10 Tips for Maintain Your Electric Skateboard

by theresa Wen on Dec 24, 2022

Electric skateboard maintenance is key to keep your board running at its best. In order to keep an electric skateboard - or any electric transportation vehicle really - in its best shape, then looking after it and maintaining the electric longboard is super important. It does not require much but the benefits it gives to your riding experience is so worth it!

Now let me tell you how to maintain your electric skateboard.


Clean your skateboard after every ride

After every ride, your electric skateboard will accumulate dust, water, or dirt since they have been used on roads. We recommend cleaning your electric skateboard after each ride, Clean the board from dirt and dust by using a slightly damp or microfibre cloth to clean the skateboard deck, grip tape and any smooth surface area. Once done, wipe the skateboard with a dry cloth for polishing. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep your skateboard clean and in perfect condition.


Use maintenance oils

This is useful for maintaining the bearings on your electric skateboard. Regular bearings inspections are required to ensure that there is no water inside the bearings. It affects the performance of the wheels and is one of the causes of scraping noises. So, if you don't want to spend more money on bearing replacement, it's more cost-effective to buy and use maintenance oil to ensure your bearings last a long time.


clean electric skateboard

Check screws and nuts

It is important to ensure all screws and nuts throughout the electric board are in place and tight. This includes wheel nuts, truck nuts and so on.


Recharge the batteries once every month even when not in use

Leaving the batteries of your electric skateboard drain may affect its overall performance. There are possible instances that it may not work at all. So, even though you’re not using your electric skateboards for a long time, it would be best to keep its batteries recharged to avoid damages or future issues.


Check the wheels

As the drive wheels on an e-board are always in contact with the ground surface, these are likely to wear out the fastest. It is therefore a good idea to rotate the wheels once in a while, especially when you are not using the longboard.


 electric skateboard wheels

Know the life of your battery

Various factors decide on how long the battery will last. These range from continuous use to your charging habits, along with the temperature conditions you are exposing your battery to.

An important aspect of taking care of your battery is to know when to replace it. No battery in the market comes with an indefinite battery life. There is going to be a time when you will have to replace the battery. A regular battery will last for over a couple thousand cycles which will span a time period of 2-3 years.

Also, remember to ask to see the manufacturing date of the battery—the more recent, the better.


Check and change motors

As a part of maintenance, you’ll really have to do regular checkups to ensure the health of your electric skateboard’s motor, as it is one of the main components that enable your skateboard to function. Sometimes, you may need to repair or replace the motor if you’re having problems such as excessive noise or speed wobble.



Another crucial component that should be regularly maintained is the trucks. To keep your trucks in good condition, first remove them from the board. Then, using some cleaning solvents, carefully clean all of the dirt inside and outside of them.

If there are any rusts, use a steel brush to completely remove them. You can also replace worn-out bolts and nuts with new ones. Because trucks rust from rainwater and salt, you should thoroughly clean them before applying oil.


 tight the trucks


Store it properly

Storage is one of the most overlooked parts that take a toll on the life of your electric skateboard. If you don’t use your skateboard regularly, charge it up to 40 to 50% and keep it in a dark place (garage or cupboard) at room temperature.


Temperature and moisture shuuld be controlled

Overheating of a machine is not considered a good symptom. That being said, the battery of a gadget will heat up when it is being charged. Your responsibility as the owner of an electric skateboard is to make sure that the skateboard is not being kept at a place that is triggering the temperature change on the battery. Room temperature is ideal for storage, no matter the season.


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