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For you to safely skate your electric skateboard

by Sarah Wu on Dec 27, 2021

For you to safely skate your electric skateboard


This actually is a letter for all of our customers, as a senior electric skateboard company, we know all of our product's function very well, we did make the manual booklet to explicate it for our customers, but we still have concerns that there might be some of our customers maybe don't have the time to look at it, or just incidentally neglect it also is possible. So here we have Eight important precautions want to share with you, if you have a few minutes, please pay more attention to read it before your riding, it really will help you, especially while your riding time.



Stay away from the traffic

Vehicles as cars, trucks are faster than this electric skateboard, the reaction time for people to control is very limited when an accident happens, so of first important thing is to stay away from the traffic, don’t be one of them.


 electric skateboard


Slow down

The most advantage of an electric skateboard is its velocity, it has batteries and hub motor wheels to drive it fast. The better the battery performance, the faster the speed is, so it is very important to slow your speed down.



Wear protective gears

Although speed does give you a lot of pleasures, still we do not suggest that, because as us mortals, can not subjugate the fast velocities, the only result is always us people get hurts, so please remember to wear protective gears, such as helmets, knee pads, wrists pads, etc, it will always safe you at the dangerous time.




Choose the familiar road condition

The road condition also is a very important element for electric skateboard skating, for a beginner, we strongly suggest the even road which is no other vehicles exist, central park, or the road in front of the home all are a nice choice.




Take a companion with you together

There’s a saying that together better than alone, it also suits the electric skateboard skating, for all of your skating time, there’s inevitable that you’ll have some bumpy time when that time arrives,  you will feel better than someone is around you when an accident happens.


 electric skateboard


Stay alert

Riding Vehicles on the road always should be stay alert, this should be remembered at your heart forever. Whenever and wherever you’re driving, keep this with you, this is not only for yourself, also for your family and the people you loved, or even for the people you might only meet for the first time.


Wear fluorescent clothes at night time while you skating

Apart from staying alert, it’s also important to have other people notice that you’re skating. Clothes would play a big role for other people to notice you.

At day time skating, we suggest that you choose colorful clothes while your electric skateboard skating;

At night time, we suggest not skating, if you really want to, apart from protection gear, we strongly suggest fluorescent clothes, people's eyesight won't be well because of the darkness, fluorescent clothes will help a lot.

 electric skateboard


Add flashlight for your skateboard

There’s many version of a flashlight in the market, adding light for your skateboard is a nice idea, it will help you to get the road’s condition much better.



That’s all that we want to share with you, as you as our customer, we really wish you a safe skating time, any other problems welcome to contact us.


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