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Possway V4 electric skateboard cured my kid who has autism

by Sarah Wu on Dec 31, 2021

A kindness letter makes our company encouraged

A few days ago, one of our customers shared a happy ending story of their own family with us, 

Possway V4 electric skateboard cured my kid who has autism, he's never alive than ever before, Said the mom,

V4 electric skateboard brought a lot of happiness to their family, we are very encouraged to know that and want to share it with other customers.


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Below is the letter from Sarah:



Hi Possway,

Thank you for delivering this electric skateboard to me, me and my husband very much appreciate it deep inside, so we want to let you know that we really appreciate it.



On 14th, May, it is a stressful day that day, because I took my son who has autism went to the hospital together to follow up again,  (which he has very hated the hospital), I watched him walk into the doctor's room, then I waited outside the room because I wasn't allowed to get in.


While I was waiting, I opened Google, and I saw a v4 spark electric skateboard's picture on it, I was attracted to its design, and I was thinking my son's birthday is coming, maybe I can order one for him, then I placed my order.


My son was been founded autism when he was 4 years old, for years he appears language barriers and behavior disorder, me and my husband are very concerned about him, but we don’t have another choice, we ask for help from the doctor, since then starting the long run therapy, and now he is 13 years old.


After I placed my order, about 7 days later maybe a few more days, we received this skateboard, we tried to get my son to stand upon it, he was very angry and hesitated, but after his father tried, he finally want to give it a go.

Then, I saw a happy smile on his face, I never feel that happy again.


Now my son is totally got hooked on it, to electric skateboard, my son is a beginner, we were worried about him would get hurt, but it seems that we worried too much because it has three-speed modes types, my son started from the low speed, he started step by step, after he totally controlled the electric skateboard then he tried a fast speed.


Now we are really happy to see that he seems alive more than before,

When he is standing on the electric skateboard, he really feels happy and confident, which makes us relieved more than ever, for years of therapy, finally, there’s at least one thing that makes him happy in this world, your electric skateboard really cured my baby!


Thank you!

Sarah Raymond


electric skateboard



Electric skateboard cured a kid who has autism

After reading this letter, we believe that you already feel heart-touched, because as us an electric skateboard company, we know that electric skateboard do gives people fast speed pleasure, but we didn’t presuppose that someday our product would help a family, even would cure a kid of the stars, we feel very surprised.


electric skateboard


Kids from the stars

Kids are always the future in this world, kids who have autism are called kids of the stars, if your side ever has a kid from the stars, please be kind to them, smile a lot, be friendly a lot, even their behavior is not that tender, it's fine, please be more patient.

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