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Is an electric skateboard for children?

by May Chen on Apr 15, 2022

I just watched a video on Tiktok. A 7-year-old boy showed great talent and amazing skills in riding an electric skateboard. He rode through a corner in a perfect gesture also at a high speed. There is no doubt that he got a lot of applause. Someone left a comment "He is great! But to be honest, I think It is too dangerous for a kid. If I am a parent, I won't let my kid have it." The comment arouses my thinking. Are not there any limitations for people who want to ride an electric skateboard? If there are, what are they? If you have the same question, keep looking.

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As we all know, riding an electric skateboard is super fun and looks cool. This point is inspiring enough to make people buy and try electric skateboard. As we mentioned, some of them may be a teenager. But can kids ride it? Here are some requirements for riding an electric skateboard:

1. Under age 18 needs adult supervision

2. Ages 18+ can skate alone

3. Any height

4. Under 400 lbs / 180 kg

5. Must be physically able to use the board (stand for long periods of time, be able to keep the balance

6. Must be able to physically carry the board (or get help if you can’t)

7. If you have an existing health condition, ask your doctor

Actually, electric skateboards are mainly used for adults. But it is also open to children who qualify for those requirements. There are many profits for children riding an electric skateboard. Riding on an electric skateboard is a wonderful exercise. It is good for their mental health. Children can have fun outside and make some new friends. Use it as a commuting tool for short distances. So electric skateboard is not totally a bad choice for a child who qualifies for those requirements. But here is some point you need to know:


Practice with some's help

If the kids want to ride the electric board, you had better supervise her or him in case there are some accidents. Riders who have board sports experience will adapt quite fast. Whether you have skateboarded, surfed, kite surfed, wind surfed, or snowboarded, the skills you learned and the muscles you built in other board sports will be very useful in electric skateboarding.


buy an eskateboard suitable for children

Riders who are new to all board sports can learn on an electric skateboard, but we do recommend buying an electric skateboard that is suitable for beginners, that is designed to make riding easy, comfortable, and safer. Whatever board you get, start in beginner mode and ride slowly until you gain confidence.

 electric skateboard

Wear safety gear

The most important point is that keep safe. It might be inevitable to have a stumble or two, but the safety gear will lessen the damage. It will be difficult to balance, so it is advisable to wear clothes that cover their skin and gear to keep them safe and secure.

 electric skateboard

Find a safe place

It might be tempting to skate inside the house or outside on the street, but some dangers might happen. They can knock off furniture, or distract some cars on the street. It is better to find a safe place to practice. They can go check a local park or a boardwalk. Make sure these places have some soft surfaces or grounds. This will help them practice better. A bumpy and uneven surface can be dangerous for children.


Electric skateboards are not only mainly used for adults, but also it is open to children who qualify for those requirements. But keep those safety tips in mind. Get a Possway V4  for your child. Maybe it is a wonderful decision!

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