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Possway T2 electric skateboard– Detailed Review by Peter

by May Chen on Apr 20, 2022

Hi, I am Peter. I am obsessing with electric skateboards for many years. I am glad to have a Possway T2 electric skateboard. It is also the first time I have known Possway. The more I use the Possway T2, the more I know Possway. I would like to share my thoughts about the basic specifications.

Maximum speed

The first thing I want to talk about is the maximum speed. That's 25km or 15 miles per hour. Personally for myself, I don't want to go faster than 25km on an electric skateboard.  Arc board I had is a really small penny science electric skateboard. It can go up to 30km per hour and It is way too unstable when you are riding at a maximum speed. The range of 25km is really decent for beginners. Believe me, riding at high speed is not fun, because you will hurt yourself easily. It is really important to wear a helmet.

electric skateboard


Let's talk about the range of this electric skateboard. How far can you go with one single battery charge? Now they say for someone who is an average-sized 60kg on a kind of flat surface flat terrain, you can go up to 10 miles and that's quite good. So personally for my sake, I weigh 97kg and I've been going on bumpy roads hills. I almost rode close to 10km. I have to say that's more than adequate. let's say you're traveling in a city, or you want to go to the park, I think for someone of my size that is a very good performance.


Board design

Now the next thing I want to talk about is the board design. It's a very sleek clean design. you can see that there are just two wires. What really contributes to the sleekness is the fact that it's using hub motors. and I personally really do enjoy using hub motors, although there are pros and cons to kind of a more belt-driven design. First of all, with the hub motor, the pro is that it's a secret design, the motor is embedded into the wheel so it's not very obvious. Then the con is that it makes for a little bit bumpier ride because you don't have the full urethane or the rubber of the wheel. But this is a really big 83mm wheel, definitely big and very wide, and offers a lot of traction. And on the side of the wheel, there's plenty of space for the rubber so it still absorbs a lot of impacts, and it's quite a soft ride. And then another pro is that there's less maintenance, so you don't have to be worried about kind of a belt snapping when you're riding around. The final, cool thing about hub motors is that if you run out of battery, unlike a belt-driven motor there's very little resistance, you can kick push this all the way home without any issues.

electric skateboard

Remote control

The remote control is smartly designed. I have to say this is one of the best well, designed remote controls I've ever used. It's just really ergonomic to hold in the hand. it fits my hand very well. and it's just very comfortable to use the scroll wheel over here to accelerate or brake now. Most importantly is that there is a little strap over here fitting my waist well. I really like how easy it is to switch between high medium and low speed. There's a reverse functionality. We can ride it either way. We can go forward or backward by controlling the remote easily.

 electric skateboard

When it comes to electric skateboards, I have many things to say and can not stop talking. I hope my share is useful. Here is the website:https://www.possway.com/   You can get help here if you have any questions or you want your own electric skateboard. 

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