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Know these points before you buy your own electric skateboard!

by May Chen on Apr 27, 2022

Electric skateboards are accepted as a convenient commute by people. More and more people would like to give it a shot, buy and try one. Here are some questions that always come with inexperienced beginners. You should know these points before you buy one.

Big wheels or Small wheels?

It depends. There are several different sizes of wheels for skateboards. Let's see what difference they make, and which one is better for you?

There are pros and cons for both of them. For pros of big wheels, like Possway T3  that has 105mm shock-absorbing wheels. They absorb the vibration to a great extent. Its top speed is 32Mph. They could ride faster. They could ride through obstacles easily and offer you a more comfortable ride. For cons of big wheels, the acceleration and the torque of the board will not be as powerful as those with smaller wheels. You can choose your electric skateboard including your surrounding road situations and your needs.

electric skateboard   electric skateboard


Battery runs out outside, what should I do?

The great thing about Possway electric skateboards is that they turn into standard skateboards when the battery dies. It was equipped with hub motors. If you run out of battery, unlike a belt-driven motor there's very little resistance, you can kick push this all the way home without any issues. There is no need to worry about it. Because our electric skateboards' maximum power & range is strong enough to ride your board for longer! Possway T3 Super range is 17-20 Miles. It is great for your daily commute.

Here is a suggestion. If you have an item on your calendar and the destination is quite far away, you'd better charge your eskateboard fully.

High speed or low speed?

Rumour has it that an eskateboard with the highest speed is the best. Actually, it is not a smart choice for beginners to buy an eskateboard that could ride very fast (40km/h or more). It means the eboard needs more powerful motors and drive system, it will be very heavy and big and expensive. What's more, It is not safe to ride the eskateboard. And I believe you rarely ride it at such high speed. Obviously, a super high speed is not suitable for beginners. The top speed of Possway T3 is 32Mph, it also has three speed modes. It totally meets your demand of practicing at the beginning and your daily commute.

electric skateboard

Can I ride an eskateboard when it's raining? 

No, we do not rate any of our boards to be water-resistant or waterproof. Skate when the weather is nice, and the ground is dry. Slippery surfaces can be very dangerous even you ride at a low speed. You do not want to meet your embarrassing moment of falling in public, right? Water can do some damage or rust to your electric skateboard's hardware and affect its performance, not to mention you get wet and dirty when riding. Pick a good day and time to go skating.

Can I ride an eskateboard on the main load?

No! Be responsible for yourself and other drivers, don't ride on busy roads with line markings and obey traffic lights. Always obey and check the local road rules and other applicable laws in your area for where you can ride. It is a new trend that more and more people use it as a commuting tool, and the laws are different in each country. Check the regulations in your area!

electric skateboard

Posswasy T3 electric skateboard is a suitable and decent eskateboard for you. A lot of people chose it as their first electric skateboard. Welcome you to join our community. If you have any other questions about it, get in contact with our local customer service team.

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