New electric skateboard T3 from Possway released today! POSSWAY
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New electric skateboard T3 from Possway released today!

by Sarah Wu on Jan 22, 2022

New electric skateboard T3 from Possway released today!


Hi Dear all, Have you noticed yet? This week there is a big surprise on Possway's websites!

There’s a new version of electric skateboards released on our websites today! Apart from the V4 electric skateboard, GTC all-terrain electric skateboard, T2 electric skateboard, there is another new electric skateboard: T3 electric skateboard!

What a big surprise!

Are you excited to get to know it?




electric skateboard




Physical date of T3 electric skateboard

Before any further, let’s directly go to T3's physical information:

Board Material: 1 ply bamboo and 8 ply Canadian maples

Board Size: 945*235*133mm


Wheels Material: Shock-Absorbing Wheels

Wheels Size: 105*65mm


Trucks: 45°, 7 inches

Skateboard weight: 11.5Kg/ 25.3 lb


T3 electric skateboard 

From the physical design and the concavity of the deck, combined with the date above, we can tell that this T3 electric skateboard’s skating security level is pretty high.


As you know, flexibility and stability are very important elements for skateboarding, which affect the experience of your riding.


According to the data from the website released today, we can tell the deck of T3 electric skateboard is made of 9 layers of wood, the bamboo layer offers flexibility which plays a big role in directions changing, and the 8 plies Canadian maples offer stabilities for the riding, with this combination and the special design, the deck would function much safer for the rider.


Secondly, the design is a little wise, the place that you step your foot is wider, which offers stability for the rider. and the W-concave design could offer adhesion for your foot with the deck, which also offers stability for the rider.


Thirdly, the shock-absorbing wheels’ diameter is 105mm, which has more ground-touching areas than most of the electric skateboards, making T3 eskates shock absorbing and staying stable at the same time.




electric skateboard




Fastest Speed of T3 eskates

Hub motor rated power: 500W * 2

Motor type: 90mm Hub Motor

Battery Capacity: 280.8 wh

Battery type: 7.8 Ah, 36V, Li-ion Battery

Wheel size: 105mm shock-absorbing wheels



T3 electric skateboard has four riding modes, from the lowest speed to the fastest speed, the speeding system follows linear acceleration and linear deceleration, and won't change its speed in a sudden and brings danger for the rider.

T3 has high power and high torque making its highest speed would reach 52 km/h, high speed making it a fantastic vehicle for skate junior.





Compatible wheels

T3’s original wheels are 105mm shock-absorbing wheels, which also could be switched to 90mm wheels.

During daily riding, T3 totally meets your demands, its original wheels can conquer most of the bumps of the road, and the switchable tires also could offer an extra fun experience for your daily commute.




Reviews from inner industry

T3's performance starts from a high point from the beginning, this is a perfect eskate with a perfect price.

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