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The fastest electric skateboard in 2021

by Evan Sean on Feb 05, 2021

During epidemic era, social distancing is an important issue in daily life, and public transportation is no longer the first choice for daily commute. As an environmentally friendly and more convenient short-distance travel tool, electric skateboards are increasingly accepted by the public.So how to choose an ideal skateboard that is of fast speed and affordable price? 

In the remainder of this article, we will touch on 7 of the fastest electric skateboards on the market and ultimately see which of them earns the top speeds . Keep in mind, In order to generate popularity, skateboard manufacturers usually divide the speed and create higher and higher speeds for marketing. Certain variables like modifications, rider weight, bend, battery percentage, and terrain type can affect speed performance.

While top speed is a significant factor for many prospective buyers, you should also consider attributes like , deck flexibility, price,acceleration, hill climbing potential regenerative braking, battery life/range. Remember to wear protective gear like helmet and pads, this is a very important premise.

  Model Top Speed Price
Meepo AWD Pro
Meepo AWD Pro 34 mph 799$
Possway T1 26 mph 619 $
Possway T2 26 mph 349 $
Skatebolt Tornado
Skatebolt Tornado 25 mph 749 $
boosted board stealth
Boosted Board Stealth 24 mph 1299 $
Acton Blink Qu4tro
Action BLINK QU4TRO 23 mph 899 $
Boosted Board Plus
Boosted Board Plus 22 mph 1299 $
inboard m1 electric skateboard
Inboard M1 22 mph 799 $


Top 7 Fastest Electric Skateboards In 2021

Possway T1 - 27 mph

The founder of their company is a Foxconn manager who has been engaged for many years, so they have a huge advantage in product raw materials. They hope that everyone can easily enjoy high-quality skateboards

Possway T1 is one of their latest boards and also falls into the highest performance category of their product lines. Designed for a serious rider, the Possway T1 sets some impressive performance benchmarks with hub motors, a range of 24 miles and a top speed of 26 mph (55 kph). This makes the Possway T1 one of the fastest electric skateboard that is openly available for sale to the public.

Possway T2 - 26 mph

The most recommended electric skateboard. You only need to spend $349 to get this skateboard,Its carving experience is very good。 a range of 21 miles and a top speed of 26 mph (55 kph).

Skatebolt Tornado - 25 mph

Another new company to the electric skateboard scene is Skatebolt, which was launched back in 2016. Unlike Evolve, Skatebolt's purpose is to design safe, convenient, and affordable products that are less on the premium side but easier to get into consumer's hands without breaking the bank. Their Tornado model comes in at just under $500 at the time this article was written.

this is not the fastest electric board on the market, With a top speed of 25 mph, althoughIf you want to cruise around the town, campus or its vicinity, it is still very fast for beginner riders.

Boosted Board Stealth - 24 mph

Boosted is the most popular electric skateboard company in 2019. Boosted Boards have been a top trend for celebrities and social media influencers such as Casey Neistat or MKBHD.

these years, there have been many iterations of Boosted Boards. The Stealth is their latest and greatest electric skateboard, which also happens to be the fastest model they have ever produced, reaching 24 miles per hour with a decent range of 14 miles.

Stealth provides metal belts and uses an adjustable composite deck, which is a little helpful to alleviate bumps and uneven terrain. Unlike Boosted Boards, this means you will never be trapped by a torn belt riding in the middle.

Acton BLINK QU4TRO - 23 mph

The Blink QU4TRO from Acton is a lesser-known electric skateboard model, In contrast, this specification was pretty good at the beginning of its release because it was one of the first 4WD electronic boards.However, competitors like the Possway T1 now surpass it in most benchmarks. 

 Priced at just under $1,500, the QU4TRO is not a cheap skateboard, but it does pack a decent punch with a 4WD hub system, 22-mile range, regenerative braking, 30% incline climbing, LED board lighting and a top speed of 23 mph.

With a speed of 23 mph, it ranks last in the list of fastest boards. However, it still brings you a lot of benefits.

Boosted Board Plus - 22 mph

The lower-end electric longboard from Boosted is their Plus model, which comes in just under $1,400.It’s not as fast as the old Stealth brothers, but it can reach 22 miles per hour.Unlike the Stealth, while both belt-driven, the Plus utilizes rubber belts that are prone to potential wear and tear, thus likely needing to be replaced after a decent amount of riding.

Plus has a cruising range of 14 miles, which can bring you huge benefits, while also using Boosted's latest generation Super Flex composite deck. The model uses 85mm orange wheels, which look and feel good, but will become very dirty over time.

Inboard M1 - 22 mph

When the M1 from Inboard first launched, it got a lot of attention from the e-skate community, and this was amplified when the company showed off this model on ABC's Shark Tank reality TV show. In the end, Lori Greiner and Kevin O'Leary invested a 750,000 loan with 9% equity and obtained a 4% stake in the company.

Since then, the company has stalled. Inboard has not released any new electric skateboards, because its competitors Boosted and others are introducing improved skateboards every year. Having said that, for many potential buyers, the M1 is still a good choice, especially at a discounted price point from $999 to $599.

From a performance point of view, this electric skateboard model provides a sturdy deck that feels more stable in some situations, but struggles on bumpy or rough terrain. The M1 can reach a maximum speed of 22 mph, although it is only 7 miles behind each charge (replaceable battery), it is still fast enough.

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