Why choose a Belt Drive Electric Skateboard
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Why choose a Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

by May Chen on Dec 14, 2022

There are a few different reasons that people want an electric skateboard. Some for fun, some for appealling of the novelty, some for comuting, etc.

From All the boards in the market with various different options,why give reasons for possway belt drive electric skateboard, Why choose Possway Belt Drive Electric Skateboard? Why consider the skateboard brand of Possway? That are the good ways to talk about today.


Before we are going to discuss about it, let's take a closer look at the Product parameters of possway belt drive electric skateboard.



Speed: 32 Mph / 52kmp Top Speed,Fastest in class.

Climbing grade:48%

Range: 18-26 Miles Super range,Great for your daily commute.

Wheels: 105mm shock-absorbing wheels for a more comfortable ride.

Deck: 1 ply bamboo and 8 ply Canadian maple.

         Ergonomic deck design for excellent turning control and easy to carve.

         Great passability, adaptable to all kinds of terrain.

Max Load:330lbs / 150kg.

Battery type:Samsung 40T 12P2S 345.6wh






Top speed always the first consideration

To be honest, When I was searching for such an electric skateboard board, I would always consider the top speed number. The more big number, the more excitation I get. The top of lynx skateboard reaches 32 mile per hour, it already reaches the cellilng of the small motor vehicles top speed.Skateboard Seniors would prefer boards with such highly commended feature..

But, as you know, Reaching speeds this high is not fully necessary for a new rider or really unprofessional rider for that matter of fact, more fast comes with high adrenaline together with the dangerous on the vihecle road.





Big Capacity, Longer Range and Longer lifespan

The big capacity the battery has, the longer range I could get with the board, and the longer lifespan the board could reach. The battery, of course, should be the second factor I would like to consider. The Lynx paired with Samsung 40T 12P2S 345.6wh. As you should know, Samsung has engaged itself in batteries for many years, Samsung not only is a famous label, but also a brand of responsible and reliability.  Samsung 40T is a battery version of Samsung, and the comments on the internet are not bad, also 345.6Wh is also a good performance, which could support the board goes with a range of 18-26 miles in total.





Swappable wheels

One board with three wheels options much very satisfied to the board riders. The lynx’s motor is externally embedded under the belt, which supported its wheels are much more swappable. It supports 90mm wheels and 105mm wheels, even the new product starry wheels. Of course, different wheels have different functions With 90mm wheels, the Lynx could reach much more range and powerful speed. With 105mm shock absorb wheels, the lynx could crush much more difficult terrains. With the starry wheels, the lynx could light up all the way during the night.






Why Choose Possway Lynx electric Skateboard

After listed the feature of the electric skateboard, you should know, the company behind the product is also play an important role. The motor of the belt drive skateboard is installed outside the wheels covered by the belt, and the parts consumption is unstoppable, the reliable parts resources are the strong back of the product. As Possway Promised on the website, the offered 180 days warranty covered most parts of the board, which is very trusted. Also, Possway has been popular for a few years, the warranty claimation also has been very professional.




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